A makeup box as a gift can brighten your sister’s entire year

It’s your sister’s eighteenth birthday and you know she’s super excited and looking forward to all the gifts and love she will be receiving.  As an older sister your job is to scold her, fight with her, but most importantly, pamper her till she feels sick with all the love you have to offer.

Most girls start with hating makeup. Makeup is something that’s just not up their alley and support ‘natural beauty’ all along till they come across YouTube videos and want to desperately start experimenting. However, the fact remains that makeup is extremely expensive and requires a whole lot of money to buy even one item. If you’ve heard your sister mentioning how much she loves a particular lipstick at Sephora, or some other beauty product, then know that she is dropping hints that she wants that particular thing for her birthday. Why not surprise her by buying her a  bunch of things, so that you can claim the title of the best sister in the whole wide world. It will surely be expensive but you can start saving up right now.

Makeup essentials you can buy for your sister.

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  1. Concealer: A concealer should be the foundation of your beauty arsenal. You can buy a stick formula or the creamy one which can help in covering blemishes and dark circles.This should be one of the first gifts send to pakistan from your side to your sister.
  2. Foundation: Your sister may or may not need a foundation for daily wear but you can definitely get it for for those special occasions where she needs to look flawless. Get a formula that doesn’t make the face look baked with makeup, or consider getting something like a tinted moisturizer.
  3. Blush: Every girl loves her blush. It can make the face look flushed and adds a pop of colour to the cheeks.
  4. Translucent powder: Translucent powder controls your makeup getting ruined by sweat and helps the makeup set properly.
  5. Mascara: If your sister loves eye makeup, a mascara should definitely be a part of her beauty arsenal. Mascara helps in defining the lashes and enhancing them. You can buy the basic black or even dark brown if you have light coloured coloured lashes.
  6. Eyeshadow: Get her an eyeshadow which has neutral shades and acts as a brightener when put over the lid. Along with that you can also get an eyeshadow kit which has warm browns and greys which helps in defining her brow bone by adding depth.
  7. Eyeliner: Eyeliner is extremely important to make the eyes look more defined. You can buy a liquid liner, a stick liner or a gel liner according to what your sister usually applies.
  8. Lipstick: Lipstick is the most important beauty product for a number of women out there. If your sister is one of them, you can give her a complete set of lipsticks, if your budget allows you. Lipsticks allow you to look casual, sultry or even bold. Each lipstick tells a story and you can use it to convey your mood.
  9. Tweezers: They are extremely important to make the eyebrows look even and in shape if a person can’t make it to the parlour in time. This is why tweezers act as the best gift to pakistan online to send across to your dear sister.

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