Making Front Porch Impressive | Tall Planters and More

Which part of your house impresses visitors the most? Are you highly concerned about the interior design, the already overstuffed living room, those narrow galleries and the central hall? How about trying something from the outside? Your front porch is not just a vacant space to place a rocking chair for monotonous evenings. With some sensible home decor ideas, it can turn into the most attractive part of your house. Let’s make it work smartly! 


Exquisite Front Porch Home Decor Ideas

  • Tall Planters 

Large can provide striking foliage around your entryway, which is especially useful if your house is in an urban environment. ‘Potted plants are a terrific way to liven up a porch.  They offer “color and interest” combining with  stone or pottery pots, urns, and other planters to decorate your porch.

Tall planters for front porch creates a grand appearance when embellished with ferns and vibrant flowers. For a unique eye-catching theme setup, you can try tall planters carved out of large wooden logs. They are hollow from inside and can be positioned on the both sides of your main entrance door. Make sure that your planters are manufactured for withstanding outside weather conditions. 

  • Embellish With Door Furniture

Make a point of concentrating on the brassware. It will assist set a tone for the porch’s color scheme and general appearance.

Brass and ironware door furniture, which has historically been created by casting and forging procedures, can be simply modified to add impact. It’s not just the entrance door that’s affected. Consider the ‘furniture’ that surrounds the porch, such as signage and door numbers. They don’t have to match, but they should at the very least complement one another.

  • Illuminate With Rustic Lighting 

Lighting can make a big difference based on the scale of your porch. If you’re getting home on a gloomy winter evening or wanting to illuminate a dining area, sensible front porch lighting choices are very vital. Strip lighting should be avoided at all costs. On the table, a more conventional lamp light has been employed. Place lights in the greenery if you have hanging plants. Another excellent option is to include lights inside the steps.

  • Replenish With Outdoor Furniture

Invest in the luxurious outdoor furniture for summertime parties and evening entertaining if you are fortunate enough to have a spacious porch space. With abundant planters and mismatched furnishings, a smaller porch would be best adapted to a farmhouse ambiance.

  • Play With Colors 

Consider the material used on the house’s facade before starting a project or chatting with your decorator. If your front porch area has a red brick façade, green is a great paint color to use. It also echoes the landscape outdoors. ‘Darker colors are frequently perceived as more contemporary, whilst softer hues are perceived as more conventional. 


 While shopping for any front porch decors, make sure that they are meant for exterior embellishment. Also, accessorize the area with plants as much as possible because greenery emits positive vibes on everyone before entering the home. 

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