Man Commits Suicide After Accidentally Killing His Brother While Trying To Shoot A Bear

The police in Oregon, USA, currently beleive that a man committed suicide after he accidentally killed his brother when he was trying to kill a bear. 

The police said that the man, who was not named, picked up his gun in order to protect himself from a black bear near his house, which is located in Oregon.

But the thing is, the man did not shoot the animal and instead, he ended up fatally shooting his brother. 

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The man then called the authorities and told them that he had accidentally shot his brother when he was trying to load the gun.

He also told the police that he was planning to use the gun on the bear. 

When the investigating officers arrived at the property in Sunny Valley, the authorities found the two men dead. 

The Josephine County Sheriff’s Office released a statement about the unusual incident.

They said:

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“Based upon the investigation, it is believed the caller took his own life after calling 911 to report the accidental shooting.”

As of writing this, the authorities did not name the two men.

An investigation is still ongoing and the case has been passed to the Oregon State Medical Examiner’s Officer. 

Official reports suggest that there are around 25,000 to 30,000 blackbears in the state of Oregon, USA.

Local authorities said that bear attacks are very uncommon.

The Josephine County Parks Department said that in case you do come in contact with a bear, you should never approach it and you should stay calm.

They added: 

“Do not run or make any sudden movements. Back away slowly as you face the bear. Avoid direct eye contact with the bear.”

The authorities recommend that people should allow bears to escape in case they do get in contact with them. 

The Josephine County Parks Department added:

“In the unlikely event you are attacked, fight back. Shout, be aggressive, use rocks, sticks and [your] hands to fend off an attack.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the victims, may their souls rest in peace.

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