Man Races To Save Drowning Woman Only To Find Out That It’s A Headless Sex Doll

A pensioner was left in complete shock when he raced to save a drowning woman only to find out that it was actually a headless sex doll.

67-year-old Chris Ford said he was looking for driftwood after a recent storm when he thought he had found the dead body of a drowning woman.

67-year-old Chris Ford

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He also found it really distressing that the “drowning woman” was completely naked. 

After he rushed to the scene, Chris, a retired photographer, was relieved to find that it was a mutilated silicone female sex toy.

He then took images of the toy and called his partner right away.

Chris, who is from Portland, Dorset, said he and his partner were left laughing after they started to take guesses where it came from.

Talking about the doll, Chris said:

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“It was a human-like figure but was too clean and too pretty – and it did not have a head. Apart from its lack of a face, it was very anatomically correct. So as soon as I got to her I knew it was a sex doll. I am always out collecting driftwood after storms so I fully expected to see a human body one day but never this. It certainly made my day.”

Right now, the couple believe that the sex doll was overboard by a fisherman’s wife.

Chris added:

“It is a busy shipping channel with loads of boats so it could have come from one of them. Maybe a fishermen’s wife found it in the cupboard and threw it overboard. It did not have a head – so maybe a perverted fisherman got rid of it but decided to clear it out and keep the head – I can only speculate why. I just chuckled and found the whole thing hilarious. I’ve seen dead cows, pieces of dolphin, seals etc wash up – but never anything like this. It was a proper life-size doll and it looked like it had broken its shoulder joint as the right arm was bent back. We all had a proper giggle. She was certainly very pert indeed and I have tried to preserve her modesty in the pictures.”

When asked what he did with the doll, Chris said that he left it on the Chesil beach.

What are your thoughts on Chris finding a sex doll in the beach? Let us know what your thoughts are by leaving a comment in the comments section below! 

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