Mandatory Things That You Must Know About Jaguar Service

Jaguar is a dream machine and if you own it then you know the pride of sitting behind the vehicle. But if you want to add value and life to it, then a regular upkeep is a basic requirement. This maintenance of the vehicle will help you save your investment for a lifetime. Jaguar is a luxury car and you must always get it serviced from an authorized center only.

In recent times, Jaguar has extended the warranty coverage to 5 years or 60,000 miles. When that time period expires any unplanned costs or repairs can set you apart. These repairs to your machine will be costly. This is where you need to find the Jaguar service specialists who can provide proper maintenance and care to an old vehicle. This will help you to extend the life even after the free service period has ended. Given below are some tips and tricks to help you keep your dream machine in superb condition. They are:

Understand the Mentioned Jaguar Service Schedule

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When you own a luxury car, you need you do need to take proper care of it. Keeping up with the Jaguar service schedules is a part of owning the vehicle. Each model of Jaguar will be unique and would require a special maintenance schedule based on the age, performance and built of the vehicle. However, there are some basic maintenance markers that you need to watch out for and abide by strictly.

If Your Car Is 5,000 – 7,500 Miles

A lot of car owners are aware about this fact, but if you are not then you need to understand that the car needs an oil change after every 5000 miles. During this time, a normal check-up of the vehicle must be done. Because there are a lot of items that need to be refilled, checked or replaced. Normally, these parts of your car get used every day for the optimum efficiency and driving comfortability.

  • Get the oil and filter changed
  • Check the level of fluids and fill them
  • Get the headlights, brake lights, and signal tested
  • Check for damage if any around the body of the car
  • Get your tires filled and checked

During The 15,000 Miles of A Car

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When your car crosses 15,000 miles or annually, you need to give it a proper Jaguar service. It needs more than just an investigation. You need to understand that all four seasons have passed and your car has travelled through different routes and conditions. If you want an ease in driving, getting optimum performance from your car then an annual investigation at the service center is a necessity that you must never cross.

You would need to check these items during the service:

  • Get the locks, hinges, and fittings lubricated
  • Get the air filter cleaned or replaced
  • Get your brakes and wheel bearings checked
  • Get the emergency brake tested
  • Check your car’s alignment
  • Check the engine mounts
  • Get the AC and heating system tested
  • Check the inside of the vehicle

The interiors of the Jaguar car are lush and take luxury to the next level altogether. The Italian leather seats, contemporary detailing and stepped up dashboard are some of them. If you wish to maintain the interiors of the vehicle in the best condition then you would need to get them cleaned, moisturized regularly. To prevent color fading you would need to apply the sun protectant on the dashboard, steering wheel, seats etc.

In the end, proper jaguar service is all that you need, you can search online, ask for references or visit the company’s website and get details about the authorized jaguar service centers near you. All the above services will be provided by them.

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