Marvel’s Midnight Suns: All Tarot Card Spots

Marvel’s Midnight Suns has a couple of facet quests and collectible hunts that you can decide on to complete when you happen to be not chaotic fighting Hydra and stopping Lilith’s demon-connected designs. There are 22 Marvel-themed tarot playing cards to locate inside of the Abbey residence base and the bordering forest, but you can will need to get all Words of Power to accessibility the entire map. We are right here to demonstrate you precisely exactly where to glance for each card.

All Tarot Card Spots

The Moon

3 tarot playing cards can be found inside the Abbey’s most important creating, and The Moon is incorporated in that trio. It’s within the forge space, next to a big bookshelf. The Moon is, of class, represented by Moon Knight for the card’s artwork.


The Moon tarot card place

The Star

The Star is in the exact area as The Moon–it’s on the opposite aspect of the forge, on major of a crimson workbench. Nova is the character who was chosen to stand for this arcana, and he’s utilized in its card art.


The Star tarot card site


Strength is represented by Thor here, and the tarot card is within the Abbey’s chapel. It is sitting up coming to a small pedestal at the southernmost suggestion of the developing.


Power tarot card site


It truly is time to venture outside the house of the key constructing. Temperance is sitting between two rocks just outdoors the Abbey. Go away the War Place and head east for a handful of seconds to find this tarot card. Cloak and Dagger represent this arcana as a pair.


Temperance tarot card location

The Sun

The Sunshine is also uncovered all around the border of the Abbey. It can be northwest of the Blood Gate rapidly travel position, on the edge of a modest pond. The card uses Johnny Storm, AKA the Human Torch, for its art and description.


The Sun tarot card location

The High Priestess

This tarot card is sitting on a rock, just northeast of the Standing Stones. Your research for the Moon Seals will convey you listed here to open up the to start with Blood Gate. Jean Grey is employed to stand for the Substantial Priestess on this card.


The High Priestess tarot card location


The up coming couple cards can all be found on the southwest facet of the map. The Justice card makes use of She-Hulk for its art, and it truly is found proper driving Agatha’s Altar. This is the same spot where by the EMO Kids meetings acquire location, so you will close up in this article inevitably.


Justice tarot card location


The Dying tarot card is also appropriate driving Agatha’s Altar, just a bit even further back again than Justice. It can be sitting on a pile of rocks on a cliff that overlooks the south aspect of the Abbey, and Loss of life herself is made use of in the card description.


Loss of life tarot card place

Wheel of Fortune

This card is basically a several steps west of Agatha’s Altar. It truly is on top of what looks like an engraved stone coffin, and the arcana is represented by just one of the luckiest mutants all around, Domino.


Wheel of Fortune tarot card locale

The Hermit

The Hermit is right following to the pedestal that holds the Air Rod, so you may run into it normally by finishing the Moon Seals aspect quest. The card is west of the Whispering Woods rapidly journey place, and Namor is employed in its artwork.


The Hermit tarot card spot

The Hanged Guy

The Hanged Guy is the last tarot card in this location, but you will have to have to use the Reveal Term of Ability to get to it. Use Reveal to produce a bridge just guiding Agatha’s Altar and it will guide you straight to an Arcane Upper body, a Haven, and the tarot card. Bucky Barnes, AKA the Winter Soldier, represents The Hanged Person in this article.


The Hanged Male tarot card location

The Emperor

These following 4 playing cards are positioned in the northeastern area of the map. The Emperor is in a modest clearing upcoming to a table with skulls on it. The spot is just south of the Everflowing Glade rapid journey position, and the tarot artwork options T’Challa, the Black Panther.


The Emperor tarot card locale

The Planet

You’ll come across The Entire world immediately north of The Emperor, at Agatha’s Cottage. The Moon Seals facet quest will convey you listed here by natural means when you stick to Agatha’s guidance. The card is sitting on a desk just exterior the cabin, and Uatu, The Watcher, is the embodiment of this arcana.


The World tarot card place

The Hierophant

The Hierophant is one more card that you will likely occur across while finishing Agatha’s big aspect quest. It truly is driving Shaw’s Church, and you’ll require to use the Open up Phrase of Electricity to stroll by way of the again door of the constructing. It truly is sitting down inside a wheelbarrow on the path to the pink ward. Professor X is applied in the depiction of The Hierophant below.


The Hierophant tarot card location

The Empress

The Empress can be discovered sitting down at the rear of a tombstone in a cemetery, southwest of the Everflowing Glade–the exact same cemetery that you can come across when searching for the Hanging Tree. With T’Challa as The Emperor, it only can make sense that Storm would be The Empress.


The Empress tarot card locale

The Enthusiasts

Make your way to the northwestern place to find these upcoming two playing cards. The Lovers is within one more, more compact cemetery to the correct of the Backyard garden of Envy. Use Open to remove the door blocking your route. This is the identical cemetery you’ll enter to uncover a Moon Seal fragment for Agatha. Elektra and Daredevil symbolize The Fans as a pair in the tarot art.


The Enthusiasts tarot card area

The Chariot

The Chariot is discovered even more west. It truly is floating in front of the remaining Moon Seal demo, specifically north of Lilith’s Backyard garden. use Reveal to build a bridge that’ll lead proper to the card. The Silver Surfer usually takes the role of The Chariot in this Marvel-themed deck.


The Chariot tarot card spot

The Judgement

The last 5 tarot cards all need the Break Phrase of Electricity, which is the most tricky to obtain. Once you have it, use Split on the wall northeast of The Shop to get to Misty Moors. The Judgement is floating above a dried up properly, and the arcana is represented by Galactus.


The Judgement tarot card place

The Devil

The Devil is also in Misty Moors, just a handful of techniques north of the place you discovered the preceding card. It can be on a compact desk to the right of the route. The Devil is depicted as Daimon Hellstrom, also recognised as Hellstorm.


The Satan tarot card location

The Magician

The Magician is observed more toward the middle of the map. You can have to have to use Crack on a wall positioned among Hunter’s Folly and Dreamer’s Descent. The card will be sitting down on a desk on the other aspect of the wall, and its arcana is represented by Health care provider Doom.


The Magician tarot card location

The Tower

The Tower card is truly a bit trickier to uncover. It is driving a big pile of rubble, southeast of the Dreamer’s Descent fast vacation level. Use Break to crystal clear a path and you can expect to see the card sitting down on a desk in a clearing. The Tower is represented by the Baxter Setting up, which is a literal tower applied by the Great 4.


The Tower tarot card spot

The Idiot

This past card is south of Gideon’s Cross. You can reach it by applying Break together the path that heads north from Dreamer’s Descent. The card is underneath some form of shrine, and Deadpool is utilised to depict the arcana.


The Fool tarot card spot

Tarot Card Assortment Benefits

When you have gathered all 22 tarot cards, you’ll instantly be rewarded with the Salem accommodate together with its signature Salem’s Savior passive skill. It also will come with two new swords that match the medieval topic. Open up up the Customization menu to equip the gear every time you want.

The Salem suit reward
The Salem suit reward

The accommodate looks like an upgraded edition of the very initial one that the Hunter wears at the beginning of the game. Its passive provides a 50% opportunity to draw a card every time the Hunter defeats 1 or far more Lilin with an ability. There are much better passives in the video game, but this is a wonderful one for when you know Lilin will be in a battle come across.

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