Woman Who Could Not Explain Weight Gain Has Massive 47 Kilogram Tumor Removed

A woman from India who could not explain her own weight gain recently had a massive 47 kilogram tumor removed from her body. 

The tumor that was removed was around 47 kilogram, however the excess skin and abdominal wall tissue itself was around 7 kilograms heavy. The surgery removed a total of around 54 kilograms from the woman. 

Massive 47 Kilogram Tumor

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After the surgery, the woman weighed 49 kilograms lighter. 

Dr. Chirag Desai, a surgical gastroenterologist, released a statement about the incident, saying: 

“We could not weigh the patient before surgery as she could not stand straight, but after the operation she weighed 49kg. The removal including the tumour – in our parlance retroperitonal leiomyoma – weighed more than her actual weight. This happens rarely.”

The 56-year-old woman, who  is from  Gujarat, India, lived with the tumor for around 18 years, said her son.

The tumor was discovered in 2004 and it was said that it was benign. 

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In the same year, medical professionals tried to remove the tumor, however, the doctors  later realized that the tumor was attached to a number of internal organs, which includes the kidneys, lungs, and the intestine.

Massive 47 Kilogram Tumor Removed

Once they found out that the surgery was too risky, they decided to back off. 

The family consulted multiple doctors over  the last 17 years, but no one managed to get the tumor removed from her stomach and as they were finding the right medical team for the surgery, the tumor kept growing and managed to get this big. 

This resulted in her internal organs getting displaced by the tumor, which then left her in severe pain and left her unable to get out of her own bed. 

This year, a team of 8 doctors, which includes 4 surgeons, eventually managed to get the tumor removed from the woman.

It took the doctors 4 straight hours to get the tumor removed. 

After 2 weeks of recovery, the patient, who was not named, said that she was relieved that the tumor had been removed.

She said that she is happy that she is now walking properly and can peacefully sleep, which she said she has not for the last 17 years.

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