Men’s Fashion: Accessories You Need To Know About!

Much before fashion dominated the modern scene, it was seen as an artistic expression definitive of women. With the rise in inclusive style, the contemporary era is witnessing a change in men’s fashion! Men dominate ramp walks and have a myriad of accessories and clothes that make them stand out distinctly from the rest! 

Be it a business conference or a wedding, classic suits and blazers are every man’s best friend!. From the mid-19th century, suits have represented an air of professionalism. From ties to men’s pocket squares, suits have several accessories that add to their versatility. Although floral shirts and beach shorts dominate the Australian men’s fashion scene, styled suits and other professional attire have risen in popularity. 

The luxury retail market in Australia contributes a revenue of almost $2 billion! The market accounts for most of its sales in the regional cities of New South Wales. Several accessories and specialities have a comprehensive market when it comes to men’s fashion branding. 

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Men’s Fashion: Trends in Australia

Men’s fashion has certain specific trends in Australia. There are several wardrobe essentials that one must purchase: 

  • Monochrome Tee: Monochrome tees are trendy in Australia. While white tee dominates this style, other colours offer their styling options. The fabric and fit are what makes each of them different from the other. Be it an oversized or perfect fit, tees must be bought in durable material as they are worn often.
  • Tailored Suit: A suit is a staple, whether it is a 9 to 5 work environment or a fancy dinner date. It could be a two-piece or a five-piece suit. But the classic recommendations are a three-piece suit which comes with a suit jacket, tailored trousers and a waistcoat. Suits have a lot of accessories that kick their styling up a notch.
  • Chinos: These are an Aussie favourite. Chinos are cotton elastane blend pants that can be styled casually or professionally. They are ankle pants and come in warm autumn colours. These can be paired with sneakers or office shoes for the look of choice! Chinos come only in block colours, so it is advised that one gets the primary colours like black, beige and brown.
  • Button-down shirts: These are essentials for any outfit. Be it a suit or a casual brunch; a button-down shirt has immense potential to be styled in different ways. There are also floral shirts that are perfect for a day at the beach! 

Men’s Fashion: Accessories

Accessories are what spice up any outfit. Every wardrobe essential has a suitable accessory that needs to be utilised to obtain a holistic look. Here are some popular accessories:

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  • Watches: There is a wide variety of wristwatches today. Watches have always adorned the wrist in an attempt to make a statement! Today, there are Impression, Statement, Chronograph and Diamond-studded watches! Each of these has different makes and can be used according to the occasion. 
  • Pocket Squares: Undoubtedly, men’s pocket squares are a vital component of any blazer or suit. Mostly, they come in 24 cm x 24 cm size. Although pocket squares are used instead of handkerchiefs, they help in adding extra style to the outfit. One can choose between subtle types like Chambray or make a fashion statement with Paisley styles. 
  • Shoes: A nice pair of shoes is a wardrobe staple. Pointy leather shoes are necessary for a professional environment to go with your tailored suit or blazers. Australian favourites like beach sandals, flip-flops and vans go perfectly with brunch dates, movie nights or surf day!

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