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Misconceptions That People Hold Against Electricity

Most of the individuals trust negative comments about the wires and cables avoiding their positive results. So, one must trust the best electrical wire retailers and companies in order to clear out their doubts. Here are some of the most common misconceptions of people and their trustworthy answers mentioned hereinafter.

  • Batteries can store an electric charge – Battery consists of electrolyte which is a chemical soup that is stored between electrodes which are the two terminals. Whenever the battery is inserted or connected to any device then the electrolyte flows to the ions and then the electrons get discharged from the electrons which are positive.
  • Fiber cables are too costly – Well, fiber cable can be expensive if used of the most expensive companies, high speed and fabulous qualities in contrast to the copper wire. The process of fiber cables got minimized after the introduction of an upgraded semiconductor.
  • Cords should be at least 600V –It is totally a wrong statement as according to various researches it is stated that “These are suitable for their intended use”.
  • Power line are insulated always – most of the products like lamps, charges of any device, power cords of any appliance as well as jumper cables are always insulated with materials like plastic or rubber. Insulation is very costly so it can’t be done everywhere like power lines and there is no unstable charge or any kind of flow of electrons in power lines.
  • Wire thickness is the factor on which electric current depends – A wire making company stated that electrical current flows differently because of a less resistance and a path that is wider. However, electricity flows into a similar amount through any specific point.
  • Flow of electricity is similar as the speed of light – We are sure that many of you also believe in this thing.It is a misconception of many young people but it’s not a truth because real electrons have a very slow speed that is few centimetres per second.
  • Electricity is produced by electricity – A generator can’t generate any sort of mechanical energy into electric energy. Electrons that are present in wires flow the current through circuits while the generator is turned on. So, it is for sure that generator can’t product electrons but can only help the electrons to flow.
  • Shocks that are low voltage are not harmful – Current can even kill or harm anyone if it has properties of 12 V batteries in amperes.
  • Empty wires can flow charges very conveniently –actually the free electrons are fully spread into the wires which flows in wire very slowly just as wheel. The elevators which move in a fast speed are combined with lattice that results in the transfer of energy where there is residence.
  • Current has the easiest route – if short circuits and the parallel circuits wherever there are dissimilar resistances then it creates a variation of current misconception that is constant. Currents direction of flow is depended on the circuits.
  • There is no durability of fibre cables –fibre cables are durable and cannot damage anything easily. These cables have a higher property of pulling tension which makes it a durable material.

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