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Columbus, Ohio , Samuel Montembeault’s display of superior statistics on cells that were entitled to attend this season. Until now, the only bad match est survenu à Columbus, la semaine dernière. De retour au National Arena, il a su effacer ce faux pas.

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Le Bécancourois was solid in one bout in another match, paving the way for a 3 to 1 advantage over the Canadians over the Blue Jackets.

The two arrests that were made on the strokes of Mathieu Olivier and Gustav Nyquist, in the space of a quarter of a second, at the beginning of the second period, have greatly contributed to the fact that the Tricolore accorded one or more their rivals for the first time of the season.

« It gives momentum to the team and it allows it coaches de respirir, a lancet Martin St-Louis about this sequence. Les gardenes metten des pansements sur les plaies. ,

Two butts in 57 seconds

In the sports jargon, the plays are the errors. The players of the CH have committed a few, even if, in the ensemble, they have offered a more solid performance than the ones we had witnessed during the four previous encounters.

« J’ai aimé notre début, comparatively aux dernieris matches. The Blue Jackets are not an easy team to face. If they defend themselves, they don’t try, said the Canadian coach-trainer.

« In general, on a fact du bon travail. Ce n’est pas qu’on jouait un match genial, mais on ne se tirait pas dans le pied. In the second, Sam sort out the team of trouble. In the third period, I’ve well aimed our answer to the sequel but of the Blue Jackets. ,

This answer, that are two buts inscribed in the space of 57 seconds, after Olivier and started the third period at the opening of the marque. En passant, il s’aguitée du deuxième but du Québécois cette saison, son deuxième contre le Canadien.

Arber Xhekaj and David Savard, who had defeated the old team in writing but won, successively defeated Joonas Korpisalo to offer an advance to the Montrealers. Une priority qu’ils allaient conserver jusqu’à la fin.

Qui sera devant le filet?

L’excellente sortie de Montembeault follows à la difficile soirée de Jake Allen, la veille, face aux sabers de Buffalo. D’ailleurs, the Neo-Brunswickois connaît un certain ralentissement dernièrement.

In each of his four more recent exits, Allen posted an arrest rate of less than ,900. Il a accordé au minus four buts dans cinq de ses six derniers matches. A performance like the celle that Montembeault delivered here tonight will allow him to see the action a little more often soon?

« Yes, the performances peuvent changer le plan, mais on pensera à ça sur la route. Pour the instant, on savor the victory of the evening [mercredi] », s’est content de responder St-Louis.

Sean Monahan complemented the marque in a desert filet.


Samuel Montembeault

Quelques-uns des 31tirs which had a fair face netatien pas un cadeau derailers, stopper deux échappées sur la same sequence, alors que le pointe est toujours de 0à0 at the beginning of the second period, worth the pain of pointing out


Evgenii Dadonov

It seems difficult every time I touch the roundel, despite my experience of 429 regular matches in the LNH, it seems to often take a bad decision, especially when the opponent applies pressure. ont decerné aucun

Premiere period

None but

Punishments: Christiansen (Cls) 17:26

Second period

None but

Punishments: Olivier (Cls) 1:17
Gudbranson (Cls) (maj) 4:58,
Pezzetta (Mon) (Maj) 4:58,
Kovacevic (Mon) 6:58,
Guhle (Mon) 15:55,
Bemstrom (Cls) 16:06

third period

1-Cls: Mathieu Olivier (2)
(sans aid) 1:08
2-Mon: Arber Xhekaj (3)
(Evans, Slafkovsky) 2:38
3-Mon: David Savard (1)
(Dach, Caufield) 3:35
4-Mon: Sean Monahan (5)
(sans aid) FD-18:07

(sans aid) FD-18:07

Punishments: Anderson (Mon) 18:51

tears au but

Montreal 7 – 10 – 12 – 29, Columbus 6 – 10 – 15 – 31


Mon: Samuel Montembeault (G, 4-2-1) Cls: Joonas Korpisalo (P, 3-3-1)

Advantages numericals:

Mon: 0 en 3, Cls: 0 en 3


Garrett Rank, Pierre Lambert

Jugs of lines:

Kiel Murchison, Caleb Apperson


14 197

Ce qu’on a noticed…

Debut de match plus serré

Before the meeting last evening in Ohio, the Canadian coach-chef, Martin St-Louis, had expressed a desire to see his troops know a better departure. He can understand. Of the 14 bets awarded in the first period since the start of the season, the majority have been in the course of the last four matches. Here, the Tricolor limited the Blue Jackets of Columbus to only six goals in the first period.

Pezzetta encaisse

Erik Gudbranson is not considered a fighter, but he rarely lost one of his 41 fights in the LNH. Michael Pezzetta learned about his expenses in throwing the gants against him during the second period. L’attaquant du Canadian a beaucoup plus encaissé qu’il n’a distribué. For a change, the Tricolore has become a winner, since the Blue Jackets have been deprived of one of the backs that they use plus.

rotation in defense

Arber Xhekaj and Jonathan Kovacevic were back in the formation after having handed over their places to Jordan Harris and Chris Wideman during the visit of the Sabers from Buffalo to the Center Bell. For the instant, it seems that there are four players engaged in the rotation of the effectives along the blue line.

Olivier makes Larsen happy

Since the beginning of the month, the average game time of Mathieu Olivier has often reached 14 minutes per match. At a matinee, Brad Larsen wants the work of his 25-year-old assailant. « Il s’assure de gainer ma confiance par la façon il joue. C’est un joueur simple, mais c’est un meilleur patineur que ce que les gens croient. Il se lance en échec avant, adhere la rondelle, bloque des terres », a dit l’entraîneur.

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