More Complaints and Less Thanks Giving

I often wonder why we, as human beings, complaint so much for a single mishap and not even a single thanksgiving for the ample of blessings.

We curse and speak a lot of bad things for a single wrong happening but never do we thank god for the lesson that we are going to learn after that.

“Did we ever realize that we would not have the wisdom and knowledge that we possess today if we had never faced the setbacks, the mistakes done and the sufferings that we had?”

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How would we know the value of happiness if we never face sadness, how would we know how precious a smile as if we never cry, how would we ever know what a healthy life means if we never fall ill, how would we ever know the value of life if we never see death.

Happiness and sadness is a part and parcel of life.

Just like the sky ☁ is nothing without earth🌍 , a day is nothing without night 🌉, light 🌄 is nothing without darkness 🌃,  so is happiness 😀 nothing without sadness 😔.

All we got to understand is every cloud has a silver lining.

God loves his children so much that he has the best plan for those who really love them so how can they ever remain abandon.

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In spite of crying over small-small things, we got to stand up and fight to overcome it.

*If you are going through a bad relationship think of those who are left alone in this world by their loved ones.

*If you are having a bad health, think of those who are struggling day and night with serious diseases against death.

Value life, its really short yet precious and unpredictable.

“In spite of crying, stand and make your life an example for others so that when you close your eyes you don’t regret anything.”

Good luck 👍👍👍

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