Multiversus tier checklist September 2022: most effective figures ranked

Are you seeking for a Multiversus tier list? The Warner Bros fighting recreation is now in its first year, with gamers gaining access to some manufacturer new people. Shortly, we will know how the likes of Morty assess to the most strong characters on the roster, from DC Superheroes this sort of as Batman and Question Girl to Cartoon Community favourites like Finn the Human and Steven Universe. Of program, we can’t discounted these throwback figures from Warner Bros’ back again catalogue of reveals obtained over the yrs, including Shaggy and Velma from Scooby Doo.

With such an illustrious collecting of fighters, a Multiversus tier list was inevitable. Judging by other competitive multiplayer online games, rating these fighters goes over and above on the lookout at their personal qualities. Multiversus focuses on staff-based mostly fight, with every fighter damaged down into roles these as Bruiser and Tank.

In get to build the definitive Multiversus tier list, we appeared at how effortless that character is to master, how very well every single fighter interacts with their companion, and how excellent they are on their individual. If your roster is hunting a small slender, choose a glimpse at our tutorial to unlock figures in Multiversus, so you can be certain to spend your challenging-received forex on the finest fighters in the recreation.

Multiversus tier listing

There are currently 19 figures in Multiversus, each individual specialising in a specific function in 2v2 overcome. Just like any good RPG recreation, Multiversus splits every single character into a few roles: Bruisers, Assassins, and Mages as the major injury dealers, Supports who buff the whole group, and Tanks that take up lots of blows. Correct now, the activity is balanced intensely in favour of most Assassins, Mages, and Bruisers, but there are notable exceptions.

Right here is our Multiversus tier record:

  • S-tier: Batman, Bugs Bunny, Shaggy
  • A-tier: Harley Quinn, Finn the Human, Jake the Pet dog, Morty, Arya Stark, Question Girl
  • B-tier: Superman, Steven Universe, Reindog, Gizmo
  • C-tier: Garnet, Tom and Jerry, LeBron James, Velma, Taz
  • D-tier: Iron Giant



The Darkish Knight will often be a single of the coolest superheroes in the DC universe, and his arsenal of gadgets would make him a potent vertical Bruiser. His Batarangs are the best projectile moves in the sport, and his movement velocity is amid the swiftest in the whole roster. On best of that, his fundamental moves can cripple foes for a limited time as they inflict the Weakened status, even though his specials assortment from remote explosives and hook guns to a smoke bomb that considerably slows down enemies and buffs allies. Bruce Wayne’s change moi could possibly be the excellent fighter for you if you can find out how to juggle enemies.

Bugs Bunny

The most famed Looney Tunes character bar none, the wisecracking ‘Wabbit’ is just one of only two Mage class characters in Multiversus. He can deliver dynamite, rockets, slipping safes, and custard pie-flinging robots, generating him a extra reliable projectile thrower than Tom and Jerry. Since lots of characters very easily counter projectiles, Bugs’ potential to annoy enemies with a regular barrage of yeeted bric-abrac can make him a helpful distraction in 2v2 fights. Regardless of likely as a result of some nerfs in the most recent harmony update, Bugs’ huge combo probable simply cannot be overlooked, producing him an quick S-tier decide.


Since Ultra Intuition Shaggy turned a meme, we someway realized that Scooby’s cowardly companion was hiding his accurate electricity. As the most balanced fighter on the roster, his moves are not way too dissimilar from other ‘Shoto’ combating recreation people. He can conjure and launch sandwiches like fireballs, has a effective uppercut, and his flying kick is kind of like Ryu from Avenue Fighter’s Hurricane Kick. Shaggy can also charge his internal electric power to grow to be ‘enraged’, supplying him armour and making use of the Weakened debuff to any enemies he hits. The only point keeping Shaggy again is that he doesn’t definitely interact with his teammates. Aside from the smaller amount of therapeutic allies gain if they contact a single of Shaggy’s sandwiches, he does not convey considerably to the partnership outside of uncooked harm.

Multiversus tier list: Harley Quinn stands in a Multiversus battle stage beside her Jerk-in-the-Box bomb


Harley Quinn

Now the most effective Assassin class character in the recreation, Harley has a great deal of tips up her sleeve. She can throw explosives that detonate remotely, giving her some versatility in comboing assaults. If she inflicts the ‘Confetti’ standing on to an enemy using her knockback assaults burns the enemy, damaging them for a small time. Her major disadvantage is that Assassins are fragile, having 5% extra problems than other lessons. Continue to, Harley ought to be great, offering you can continue to be out of hazard, which she can do with simplicity thanks to her go established.

Finn the Human

Finn is a complicated fighter, but it seems like the ideal gamers are starting to discover his intricate shift established. Like his canine companion, Finn’s normal assaults have armour-breaking houses, but his specials make him stand out. Every a person of Finn’s typical attacks spits out a coin – if Finn collects sufficient cash, he gains quick accessibility to potent talents.

He can obtain new temporary gear with his Down-Unique, or swing around his backpack with his Up-Distinctive, which will become additional powerful if he has heaps of coins. The strike boxes on these special attacks improve dependent on the amount of cash you have. A recent balance patch did handle his broken hitboxes, so he’s been knocked out of the top rated tier, but he’s nevertheless a formidable assassin to struggle against. We have a Finn benefits and combos guide below if you want to find out this character.

Jake the Pet

As a Bruiser, you would not assume Jake the Doggy to support out a great deal, but he does have typical assaults that specialise in breaking armour. His Up-Special can block enemies from returning to the ground by knocking them again on call, when his Down-Unique displays projectiles and bounces any one off him if they get way too shut. When his assault electrical power is not very as sturdy as the S-tier figures, he’s a additional flexible fighter you should not snooze on if you’re participating in 2v2 matches. Jake’s selection of skills indicates he should have even matchups against most of the forged. There’s no character in the recreation that instantly counters Jake’s moveset, placing him firmly in A-tier.


Morty rewards the most from the the latest hitbox update, and perhaps the major factor holding him again ideal now is that he is, by far, the most complicated character to master. He has numerous ways of working injury speedily but several attacks with a superior total of knockout prospective. As a consequence, you will probably commit a reasonable bit of time in instruction method to work out all of the setups. As soon as you have taken the time to practice, you may possibly eliminate the 1st handful of games, but after you get into the move, you will have lots of much more wins less than your belt.

Arya Stark

Arya has one of the coolest-on the lookout skills – thieving faces from opponents to temporarily rework into them – and her combination of being an Assassin and a melee-concentrated fighter can make her a power to be reckoned with. Due to the fact Arya routinely does hurt to foes up close, you’ll have to have to routinely dodge attacks and implement the ‘Disorient’ skill, which causes the upcoming melee attack to split armour and flip the enemy to encounter absent from Arya. Considering the fact that she will get a destruction reward for again assaults, this can be beneficial. She also spawns a pie to recover allies and gradual down enemies that run into it. Arya is, however, always in a state of flux, specially when it will come to her Up-Unique, so do be wary if you decide to choose her as your new major.

Question Female

Wonder Woman is now a decent option many thanks to the hitbox update, as her sword now functions as supposed. She’s a mix of a Tank and Assistance character in 2v2 fights, but even in 1v1, her sword is a very efficient zoning device. Her Neutral-Distinctive is a lasso that can provide again allies in risk of staying knocked off. In addition, she can make platforms and shields that allies can hide driving with her Up and Side-Specials, and cleanse allies of debuffs with her Down-Special. At last, due to the fact numerous assaults give her armour or replicate projectiles, she can electrical power up with her Amazon Shout attack that blasts enemies absent. She may possibly not have much electrical power, but her flexibility can make her a tempting select.

Multiversus tier list: Wonder Woman lifting weights and yawning.



You’d think the Person of Steel would be a Bruiser course, but he’s not. Superman is, in truth, 1 of the couple Tanks in the recreation well worth contemplating. Not only can he choose a lot of hits many thanks to virtually all of his frequent assaults granting him armour, but he also has amazing stage recovery solutions as his aerial Facet-Specific sends him flying throughout the map. In addition, his Neutral-Unique can freeze enemies, leaving them susceptible to impressive cost assaults from your allies.

Steven Universe

As a Support class fighter, Steven employs the ability of positivity to inflict numerous standing effects on the two allies and enemies. He’s hard to hit as the bubbles he makes although dodging capabilities armour that absorbs a number of hits concerning him and his teammates. His Down-Unique heals allies and also tends to make a Watermelon Steven that assaults enemies for a short time. That explained, the distraction can assist you established up much more shields and bubbles to protect your ally. So lengthy as you are not anticipating to knock out foes, Steven is a fantastic selection.


Reindog is the only primary character in Multiversus, and if you inquire me, doesn’t in good shape with the vibe of the relaxation. He is, even so, by much the very best Help character course many thanks to his strong specials. These attacks inflict all types of unique status consequences on himself, his allies, and his enemies, all of which gain the crew. His Down-Specific offers projectiles the Ignited position ailment, producing him a best suit with Mage figures, whilst his Up-Unique functions properly with just about every other class in the match. He’s a higher-precedence target in 2v2 fights, although, because his abilities are so very good at bolstering his spouse.


As a Guidance character, Gizmo excels at disrupting the enemy’s assaults with position consequences, and his toy automobile Facet-Special can travel enemies up the wall with just how irritating it can be to fight in opposition to. In addition, his Neutral-Distinctive and Down-Standard can inflict Silence on to enemies to avert them from applying unique attacks, and he can demand his Neutral-Normal to hearth a flaming arrow to ignite enemies. However, what retains back again Gizmo is his reasonably gentle excess weight stat and the reality that he lacks a respectable possibility for launching enemies as opposed to other people.

Multiversus tier list: Garnet is riding a very small car with eyes.



Garnet is great, but absolutely nothing unique when compared to the other Bruisers in the sport. She combines some of Steven Universe’s standing-inflicting abilities with hard-hitting moves to offer loads of hurt. Unfortunately, she’s quite sluggish, in particular when recovering from working with her neutral attacks, leaving her vulnerable to counter-assaults.

Tom and Jerry

It is pretty a spectacle to enjoy Tom swing a significant hammer at Jerry, only for the mouse to dodge in the final next, as Tom hits the enemy as an alternative. There are a ton of people in Multiversus with immediate counters to projectiles, so you need to use your applications meticulously. Nevertheless, Tom and Jerry’s the latest nerfs hampered their capabilities substantially.

In 2v2, Tom and Jerry are stronger as Tom can toss Jerry to an ally who can select them up for a strength and pace reward. That stated, Tom requires Jerry to execute some of his attacks, so placing that balance is challenging. They are between the hardest people to master how to engage in, which is what keeps them from the top tier, but they are worth using the time to experiment with setups in the teaching mode.

LeBron James

As a mix of Bruiser and Mage courses, LeBron can be tough to deal with for new players as his basketball expertise make him somewhat unpredictable. When he loses his basketball, he can either wait around to simply call for another ball or hit an opponent with a melee assault to steal one back. This basketball-much less variety of LeBron is the place he’s most vulnerable, as his attacks have much considerably less range and electric power. Nevertheless, his combo likely with the basketball is horrifying, as a very well-timed Side-Distinctive will slam dunk his opponent, launching them into the sky. There was a nerf to this go that removes the shockwave, which is what drops him into the reduced tiers.


Velma has the most unorthodox combating design and style for any character in the recreation suitable now, sharing numerous qualities with Phoenix Wright in Best Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Many of her regular assaults have the opportunity to crank out evidence, which, when you get adequate of it, will summon the Secret Machine to lock up an enemy and drive them off the edge. When Velma is not ratting out her enemies to the relaxation of her gang, her other qualities inflict freezing, give allies armour and grey wellness, and even minimize cooldowns. She’s hard to use, however, and particularly susceptible to hurry-down procedures from equally Bruiser and Assassin kinds.


What a slide from grace. Taz has absent from staying the best character in the Multiversus shut beta to one particular of the worst in Time 1. His Side-Unique obtained huge nerfs, and although initiatives have been created to rebalance the character, they’re just not more than enough. Taz also suffers in the air due to his confined shift established.

Nonetheless, players are now selecting him as a counter-choose to some of the leading-tier figures many thanks to his decent anti-zoning moves and first rate ground match. His fast particular person assaults use the ‘Tasty’ position ailment, turning enemies into cooked chickens that cannot assault when the gauge fills up. Hitting enemies while they are in this condition breaks off rooster wings, therapeutic Taz and his allies really should they decide them up. With any luck, this could be the commence of a return to variety, but we’ll keep him in C-tier for now as he’s still unproven as opposed to most of the roster.

Multiversus tier list: Iron Giant is smashing a car, while Velma looks unimpressed.


Iron Big

It’s clear that Iron Giant is mismatched compared to the relaxation of the roster. This robot is just also darn big. Iron Huge can hit almost everything and consider a good deal of injury right before becoming knocked off the stage, but he’s an open up focus on simply because he’s the dimension of a house. He’s also significantly slower than everybody else, and though his attacks inflict a great deal of diverse status ailments, there are better Tanks in the match to grasp. If two folks on the exact workforce pick out to engage in as Iron Giant at the same time, having said that, they can be formidable, but the probability of that is trim at most effective.

Multiversus tier list: several characters fighting near a treehouse in the Adventure Time universe. Jake is a horse, Batman is aiming a gun at Harley Quinn who is firing confetti, and Arya Stark is throwing a dagger at Jake.

The very best no cost Multiversus character

Judging by our pretty individual tier list, the very best totally free Multiversus characters right now are Batman, Morty, and Finn the Human.

All three of these characters excel in groups, but Batman is by much the finest character ideal now in 1v1 fights many thanks to his very-targeted brawling recreation and potent projectiles. Morty is also a good brawler with moves that some players may possibly continue to be unfamiliar with when it will come to countering them. Finn the Human is 1 of the stronger assassin varieties with a consistently substantial position on the tier checklist.

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With a great deal of new Multiversus characters rumoured or confirmed to be coming to the recreation soon, expect this Multiversus tier list to alter pretty a little bit in the coming weeks and months forward. For now, why not examine out the greatest Multiversus perk record, everything about Multiversus crossplay, or learn how to get Multiversus toast. Want absolutely free things? Check out our no cost Multiversus codes to see what you can redeem.

We have also acquired facts on how to get a GameCube controller to function with Multiversus. Ultimately, we also have plenty of other option options for the finest free Personal computer online games if this Tremendous Smash Bros clone is not correct for you.

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