Must-Try Al Fakher Flavours That Are Popular In The Town

All hookah smokers are all familiar with Al Fakher flavours. Al-Fakher is often the first brand that introduced hookah smoking to shisha smokers. They offer premium flavours that every smoker will love.

Before going to flavours let’s know more about the company. 

The Al-Fakher Company 

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Middle Eastern business Al Fakher is situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Al Fakher, usually referred to as AF, was founded in 1999 and is currently the biggest manufacturer of hookah and shisha in the world. Al Fakher initially only offered a few typical and conventional flavours, like double apple and white grape. Later, the business increased the variety of flavours it offered and increased its distribution to other nations worldwide. After 20 years and becoming a household name, AF aims to expand on its present wide assortment and enhance its flavours. 

Choose Your Favourite Al-Fakher Tobacco Flavors

Let’s get started with the top 5 al fakher flavours. There are numerous other flavours available to appeal to you. Before buying do examine more of their categories in order to get the best. 

Al-Fakher categorises their tobacco depending on the mood and the flavours that best fit you.

1. Al-Fakher Double Apple 

The most popular and classic flavour! Two Apple, often known as Double Apple (DA), is a blend of a crisp red apple with a little green apple sourness and spices to give it the classic and distinctive flavour. Smoking Double Apple is a common and sacred practice among hookah fans all around the world.

2. Al Fakher Mint 

The flavour of Al-mint Fakher’s tobacco is smooth and energising fresh mint leaf. The simplest way to describe this flavour is to picture chewing on a piece of minty gum while exhaling deeply. Very smooth and reviving for individuals who like the flavour of fresh mint. Additionally, practically any AF flavour pairs well with this tobacco flavour.

3.Al Fakher Grape Mint

Another popular and classic flavour that hookah aficionados frequently like is AF Grape-Mint. Grape mint has a smooth and reviving undertone of mint leaves and is sweet and lively with a zesty taste of a green grape. This flavour is for folks who enjoy smoking something sweet and flavorful to unwind after a long day at the office.

4. Al Fakher Orange

Orange is a fantastic al fakher flavour for individuals who adore the citrus flavour and zest of a mouthwatering orange. Orange and mint are popular flavours to provide extra freshness and flavour to hookah shisha. One of the top brands of molasses with an orange flavour is Orange by Al-Fakher.

5. Al Fakher Blueberry

A beautiful combination of sweetness with a tangy undertone. Simply said, Al-blueberry Fakher’s tobacco is among the greatest blueberries available. Pies, pastries, and muffins with blueberries are delicious! Are you able to picture them in your hookah bowl? In order to provide a little bit more freshness, blueberry by Al Fakher is frequently combined with mint.

Best Flavors for Al Fakher Tobacco

There you have it, everyone. These are the top 5 flavours of Al Fakher shisha tobacco that are smoked most frequently around the world. 

Based on our study, we discovered that most hookah smokers prefer to switch between these flavours between sessions. They are a combination of citrus, fresh, fruity, and tart.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post!

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