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The Myth of Muscle Confusion: True or False?

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Many people are now talking about muscle confusion and the supposed benefits it has for the growth of muscles. If you visit the gym, you will hear people discussing how they do different workouts every day throughout the week. To them, the routine workout is a big no. Unfortunately, another group does not have a clue of what this term means. This is why we need to clear the air about whether muscle confusion is a myth or not.
How Muscles Grow
One of the proofs that the myth is not worth believing is the process of muscle growth. Staying oblivious to this situation will only lead you to join the bandwagon of muscle confusion supporters. Muscles respond to various stimuli depending on the intensity and consistency of the exercise.
For instance, lifting has the stimulus of load and stretching results in the extension of muscles. Lifting will also stimulate increased metabolism and the burning of fat, which has a positive effect on the growth of muscles.
The volume, intensity and frequency of the activities that athletes engage in determine the degree of muscle growth. Fitness enthusiasts who use more weight in lifting and pressing on a daily basis will grow larger muscles than a person who puts a primary focus on confusing the muscles with different workouts throughout the week.
Muscle Confusion Will Slow Progress
Even if fitness enthusiasts are keen on using legit steroids from and other sellers, they are likely to slow down their muscle growth if they believe in the muscle confusion myth. Such a person is always changing the workout style, time and exercises. With a habit like this, it becomes impossible to make a plan and goals for a specific cycle.
The other problem is the difficulty in measuring progress. Therefore, you will never know when you may be going in the wrong direction. According to research, many athletes who buy into this idea tend to ditch it as soon as they realize that they are on the wrong path.
The Best Solution
It is as simple as leaving the habit and going back to a well-planned exercise routine. If you visit the internet today, you will get various models of muscle confusion workout schedules. However, none of them has a robust sense of direction in fitness. If you take it to any experienced expert, they will argue against using muscle confusion immediately.
Fitness planning requires you to have a pattern of workouts. The changes should come after a few weeks for the purpose of covering all muscles rather than confusing the muscles. It is important for fitness enthusiasts to understand how important it is to have focus and achievable goals.
From the information that we have shared above, it is clear that muscle confusion is nothing but a myth. No one should buy into the idea and waste precious fitness time following the myth. The end results will not only be disappointing but waste time. Follow a professional workout routine that is prepared by an expert if you want to grow muscles fast.

Christine Carter is an experienced health expert and owns a clinic. Christine has a keen interest in sharing her extensive knowledge of health and fitness with people through her informative, useful write-ups.

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