Narayana Murthy: The Father of Indian IT and a Global Icon

Narayana Murthy is a name synonymous with the Indian IT revolution. As the co-founder and former chairman of Infosys, Murthy not only built a global IT powerhouse but also redefined the way the world viewed Indian talent and entrepreneurship.

From Humble Beginnings to Tech Titan

Born in 1946 in a small town in Karnataka, India, Murthy’s journey is an inspiring tale of hard work and perseverance. He earned his engineering degrees from prestigious institutions like the National Institute of Engineering and the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. After a stint at Patni Computer Systems, Murthy, along with six colleagues, ventured out to co-found Infosys in 1981 with a mere Rs. 10,000.

Building Infosys, Brick by Brick

The early days were challenging. Infosys primarily focused on the US market, navigating strict visa regulations and competing against established players. However, Murthy’s emphasis on ethical business practices, client satisfaction, and employee welfare set Infosys apart. The company grew steadily, winning major contracts and establishing itself as a reliable IT partner for global corporations.

Infosys Goes Global

Under Murthy’s leadership, Infosys became the first Indian company to be listed on NASDAQ in 1999, a landmark moment that put India on the global IT map. Infosys continued to expand its services and footprint, acquiring companies and opening offices worldwide. Murthy stepped down as CEO in 2002 but remained Chairman till 2011, guiding the company through its next phase of growth.

Beyond Infosys: A Legacy of Leadership and Philanthropy

Murthy’s impact extends far beyond Infosys. He is a sought-after speaker and author, sharing his insights on leadership, entrepreneurship, and governance. He also actively supports numerous philanthropic initiatives, focusing on education, healthcare, and rural development. Murthy’s vision and guidance have helped shape the lives of countless individuals and communities.

Narayana Murthy’s Enduring Influence

Narayana Murthy’s contributions have earned him numerous accolades, including the Padma Bhushan, one of India’s highest civilian awards. He is recognized as a global business leader and a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs. His story is a testament to the power of human potential and a reminder that with dedication and hard work, anything is possible.

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Conclusion: A Beacon of Inspiration for Generations to Come

Narayana Murthy’s story is not just about building a successful company; it’s about forging a path for countless others. His relentless dedication, ethical principles, and focus on people-centric growth have not only transformed the Indian IT landscape but also instilled a sense of entrepreneurship and global ambition in future generations. Murthy’s legacy transcends business to encompass leadership, philanthropy, and a fervent belief in the potential of India and its people. As he continues to inspire and guide aspiring leaders and young minds, one thing remains certain: the impact of Narayana Murthy will resonate for years to come.


  1. What are some of Narayana Murthy’s most notable achievements?
  • Co-founding Infosys and leading it to become a global IT powerhouse.
  • Spearheading Infosys’ listing on NASDAQ, a first for an Indian company.
  • Championing ethical business practices and employee welfare within Infosys.
  • Receiving prestigious awards like the Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan.
  • Actively contributing to education, healthcare, and rural development through various philanthropic initiatives.
  1. What are some of Narayana Murthy’s key leadership principles?
  • Integrity and ethical conduct.
  • Emphasis on employee well-being and development.
  • Focus on client satisfaction and building long-term relationships.
  • Strong work ethic and dedication to excellence.
  • Embracing innovation and continuous improvement.
  1. What are some of Narayana Murthy’s books and other resources?
  • “A Life in Progress: Reflections on an Unfinished Journey” (autobiography)
  • “The Wit and Wisdom of N.R. Narayana Murthy”
  • Interviews and speeches available online and in various publications
  1. How can young people learn from Narayana Murthy’s example?
  • Develop a strong work ethic and dedication to learning.
  • Embrace ethical values and responsible leadership.
  • Be confident in your abilities and take calculated risks.
  • Focus on building long-term relationships and trust.
  • Aim to make a positive impact on the world around you.
  1. What is Narayana Murthy’s current involvement with Infosys?

While no longer holding an executive position, Murthy remains Chairman Emeritus of Infosys. He continues to offer mentorship and guidance to the company’s leadership team.

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