NBA 2K23 Rebirth Quest Tutorial – Exactly where To Find Ronnie 2K In The Town

NBA 2K23 makes it possible for players to respec and rebuild their MyPlayer characters, but only right after finishing the Rebirth questline involving Ronnie 2K. To entire the questline, you may will need to come across Ronnie various instances inside the game’s on-line hub with out the aid of map markers. The video game delights in not revealing exactly where by and when you can find him, so we are in this article to walk you by how to finish this prolonged quest and receive some great rewards along the way. Here is exactly where to locate Ronnie 2K in NBA 2K23.

All Ronnie 2K Locations for the Rebirth quest

Ronnie 2K will show up at four various places in the course of the quest and hand out a various reward every time you locate him. Your participant will want to attain distinct in general scores for every experience to get paid Ronnie 2K’s prizes.

Very first location and reward – 65 OVR

After your participant reaches an total of 65 or bigger, head to the northeast aspect of the map to discover Ronnie 2K. He’s around the Northside Knights zone, just to the still left of the Knights Station icon. He is standing following to a dumpster in a shiny pink hoodie, so he is hard to overlook. Speak to Ronnie to get a shirt with his image on the entrance–not a worthwhile prize, but the greatest is nonetheless to come.


Ronnie 2K’s 1st place in the Rebirth quest

2nd spot and reward – 75 OVR

Following achieving a 75 total, use the coach to get to the West Shopping mall Station. Ronnie will be standing just east of the station, amongst the Finders Keepers and Embellish merchants close by. This time, he’ll reward you with the capacity to pick out the place you spawn when moving into The City. To established a personalized spawn place, basically open the map and push the ‘Select’ prompt when highlighting any educate station.


Ronnie 2K’s second location in the Rebirth quest

Third location and reward – 88 OVR

After you happen to be at an 88 overall, make your way to North Station, which is situated to the west of the Northside Knights zone. Ronnie is northeast of the station, standing beneath a huge 2K Sports indicator. His third reward grants gamers the ability to go shirtless when enjoying video games in The Metropolis.


Ronnie 2K’s third area in the Rebirth quest

Fourth location and reward – 90 OVR

Finally, right after achieving a 90 total score, go to the South Metropolis Vipers zone in the southwest corner of The Metropolis, just south of Ronnie 2K’s second spot. Ronnie is ready in the vicinity of the entrance to the Vipers’ territory. He is standing in entrance of the substantial, wooden signal. After you’ve concluded this match of cover and seek out, Ronnie will eventually permit you to use the rebirth function.


Ronnie 2K’s fourth place in the Rebirth quest

What does Rebirth do?

In essence, the rebirth aspect will enable you to create a new MyPlayer for MyCareer method although preserving your recent progress. Your player will revert back again to a 90 general with a quantity of pre-unlocked badge points. You will nonetheless will need about 200,000 VC to upgrade stats, but finishing the Rebirth quest will save a good deal of time when it will come to grinding out solely new made players.

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