All You Need to Know About Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Concrete once placed is ready for decorative aggregate. The traditional method of concrete involves brushing and washing of the concrete. It is one of the simplest methods as it does not require any chemical retarders or any special tools. The process involves just the washing of the thin layer of surface mortar that is covering the aggregate. This can be done by just spraying water and scrubbing it with a broom until the concrete is exposed to the required depth.

Timing is Crucial

The timing of this operation is very critical, so this method is suitable only for small jobs and not the bigger ones. In this case, the work should begin immediately after the surface mortar is removed. It should not be overexposed to the aggregate. This can be tested by lightly brushing away the surface mortar in a small corner with the help of a broom.

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Surface Retarder and Brushing Method

Besides the method of brushing and cleaning, another method involves using a surface retarder. Most of the contractors, nowadays, are exposing aggregate by just spraying chemical surface retarder. This  is done on the slab surface after finishing the concrete which delays the set and gives more flexibility to eliminate the cement paste. It should be pressure washed or scrubbed thoroughly. The flexibility that this method provides is, particularly, even more important for big jobs or during hot weather days where concrete dries off quickly.


DIY To Save Some Money!

If you want to use exposed aggregate concrete at home by yourself then you must keep in mind some important points.  Be it for home or for commercial purposes, the preparation instructions remain the same for both. Proper procedure, however, must be known and an elaborated list of materials should be ready before you start the process. The decorative concrete is quite expensive if you hire a contractor or contact a company, so doing it by yourself will definitely save a lot of money. How?

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First and foremost, you need to build a wooden box and prepare the concrete that should settle correctly in the wooden box. The box should be symmetrical and nailed together properly for the desired results.  For a curved shape, your wooden box should be flexible. The box should be placed on a flat area so that the stakes in the hammer hold their places in the box. Put a stake at each end of the board so that it is surrounded by four stakes. When it is set, make sure that the box is four-inches deep and compact it with the help of a compactor. Call and place an order for an exposed aggregate concrete and they will provide you with the options that are already available.

Choose the Exposed Aggregate Concrete According to Your Requirement

Purchase the concrete as per your requirements. If you have any much trouble in figuring out how much quantity is required, then ask the concrete company they will help you.  Pouring a concrete slab and leveling it is an important step. This may be a little tricky because the pad decides your concrete levels. When you are pouring the concrete, you should have enough time to level them into forms so that it does not dry.  Quickly mould it into desired shapes, while it is wet. It is best to take care of things while the concrete is wet because once it is dried, the process becomes tedious and it is all very messy. If you are choosing a concrete company to do this task, be all the more careful because after the completion, if it is not properly done, then you all the work will fall on your shoulders.

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