New Study Suggests Drinking Red Wine Can Help Your Body Prevent Getting The Coronavirus

A new study has revealed that people who drink red wine can help their body from contracting the coronavirus. 

The new study said that red wine drinkers can help their body’s immunity against the coronavirus.   

Published in the scientific journal Frontiers in Nutrition earlier this month, the research team in China’s Shenzhen Kangning Hospital found out that people who like a couple of glasses of red wine, white wine, and campagne might have a better chance of not getting the coronavirus. 

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According to a report that was published by Fox 10 Phoenix, the study included around 500,000 people and out of those people, only around 16,500 ended up testing positive for the coronavirus. 

The researchers analyzed information from the UK’s Biobank Study, which has been collecting health and lifestyle information from people across the globe since the year 2006. 

The researchers of this study broke alcohol consumption down into 4 categories, which includes those who had less than 14 units of alcohol, those with more than 14, those with less than 28 units and those that had more than 28 units. 

The team found that those who knocked back an above average serving of red wine had a better chance of not catching the deadly coronavirus. 

The thing is, it was not such great news for those people who enjoyed other types of alcohol such as beer and cider.

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The authors of the study said:

Our study suggests that subjects who usually consumed red wine and white wine and champagne above guidelines, and sometimes consumed 1-2 glasses/week fortified within the guidelines appear to have chances to reduce the risk of COVID-19. The consumption of beer and cider are not recommended regardless of frequency and amount of alcohol consumption, which increased the risk of COVID-19. Furthermore, heavy drinking is not recommended for all alcoholic beverages.

When the researchers broke down the data, they found out that two glasses of red wine a day had a 10 to 17 percent lower risk of people testing positive for the coronavirus when compared to non-drinkers. 

When it comes to wine participants, they had a 7 to 8 percent lower risk of contracting the coronavirus in case they consumed 5 glasses or less on a weekly basis.

On the other side, people who frequently drank beer or cider had a 28 percent higher chance of contracting the virus when compared to non-drinkers. 

The study that was conducted concluded that red wine provided a protective effect against the novel coronavirus when it was consumed above or double above the recommended guidelines. 

The UK Biobank data that was used in this study focused on people that are 49 years old and older. Also, their drinking habits were based on information that was provided before the coronavirus pandemic started. 

This also means that there might have been changes in their liquor consumption since then. 

Researchers of the study warned that excessive alcohol consumption was not healthy and it should not be done for the assumption that it is going to offer protection against the novel coronavirus. 

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