New Zealand Fisherman Fighting To Reel In Fish Discovers He Accidentally Hooked Great White Shark 

A fisherman from New Zealand was left in complete shock after he accidentally hooked in a massive great white shark while trying to fish for a smaller fish at a local beauty spot. 

Joel Gray was out with friends off the coast of the Bay of Plenty on the country’s North Island when he accidentally hooked in the Great White Shark.

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During an interview with Stuff, Joel said: 

“Me and my mate were out the day before in kayaks in the same spot. Never seen one before around here, only baby hammerheads or bronze whalers. It was an exciting experience. The people were all pretty freaked out and amazed at the same time as they’d been swimming there not long ago. They were locals and said they have never seen a great white around before that day.“

Joel was left in complete shock when the shark leaped out of the water.

It appeared that the fish was just a juvenile one and was only a third of an adult’s size at around 2 and a half meters.

Despite being a juvenile one, the fish shark managed to break the fishing line and escape on its own.

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After the incident was reported to the authorities, the authorities released a statement to warn everyone.

Clinton Duffy, a marine expert working for New Zealand’s Department Conservation, said: 

“If you are visiting the ocean you need to be a little bit vigilant of what’s happening around you and swim where there are surf lifesaving patrols, and don’t swim or dive alone. If you are heading out on the water exercise caution and avoid swimming in the main channels where there are a lot of birds diving or belaying from kayaks and jet skis when fishing.”

Pretty scary, right? 

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