New Zealand Holidays: Tips for a Great Camping

New Zealand has much to show you! The land is full of breathtaking sceneries and though, numerous camping grounds for tourists. This is probably the main reason why travelers come here for weekend. They want to get wild but comfortable rest. What makes your rest more comfortable? Of course, you should take a cheap 7 seater car hire from Rental24h to have enough space for your friends or family members. You probably need some tips to find them useful when planning your student travel or family trip to New Zealand.

Things to Bring

If you haven’t gone camping before, the list below can save your time and make your New Zealand road trip less stressful and extremely comfortable, especially for young drivers. Start your trip from Auckland. The countryside in New Zealand looks exotic. You will definitely need:

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  1. Bug repellents
  2. Sun protection
  3. Torch/Flashlight
  4. Toilet paper
  5. Camera
  6. Matches/Cigarette lighter

New Zealand road trip

Camping Tips When Driving a Car

There are many travelers who go camping for the first time. New Zealand road trip can be safe and adventurous all together. How can you do that? There are some rules to follow and factors to consider:

Not all roads and motorways in New Zealand are good. Select the most suitable for you.

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There are many dessert roads in New Zealand, watch your minivan petrol tank and gas canister must be full.

100kph is the speed limit for open roads. For residential areas, it is 50kph.

Think of comfortable driving. Such natural factors as bad weather conditions, winding, and difficult roads will slow your trip.

Driving is on the left in New Zealand.

Check Your Insurance

You should check your insurance, especially that point that covers going to gravel roads. You can find a lot of gravel roads in New Zealand. Actually, it doesn’t really matter where you are car travelers of car owner. Your motorhome insurance typically has coverage limits depending on your policy. Speaking about rental cars, choose the right insurance. You may pay for it with your credit card from the rental company deal.

Help Ecosystem

Whatever good person you are, you should take care of environment and clean your equipment thoroughly. It is your way of preventing the spreading of weeds and diseases to the surroundings. The climate of New Zealand is hot and wet. This is a favorable platform for diseases. Factually, the airport authorities will ask you to clean your gear and equipment before they allow you to enter New Zealand. This is a usual thing here. All local camps are specially organized to have less negative effects on the environment, increasing your comfort and convenience at that. From you side, you can take your rubbish with you when you leave your campsite. The trash you haven’t clean attracts bacteria, makes traps for animals. You ruin environment with your own hands!

Help Ecosystem

Observe Camping Etiquette

Are there special rules for camping? You take your family for camping because you want to spend some time on nature or take a break from your daily routine. Of course, camping is not a hotel. Nevertheless, you can peacefully sleep outdoors and live in clean and comfort if other campers will do the same: be quiet and polite. As a rule people of different age go for camping to live close to each other. Underage driving is available from the rental car companies. Lights and noise can spoil your vacation.

So, try to minimize your voices, lights, and excitement. If you want to make a noisy party on nature, think of other campers who probably want to sleep on a sleeping time. Be helpful to all who ask for help and you’ll be helped also. Don’t forget about privacy.

Observe Camping Etiquette

Do You Have Plan B?

Of course, your New Zealand camping ideas can be the brightest ever as far as your expectations. You shouldn’t forget that picturesque New Zealand also has one of the most unpredictable weather patterns in the world. It is better to have a backup plan, so-called plan B, in case things go from good to bad.

What does it mean? First of all, think of a hotel or hostel near your camping. If you want to live on a wild is good for you. But if your car is not equipped with modern conveniences, you should find them somewhere else. Some campsites also offer accommodation with cabins but you can find affordable hostels all over the country to stay at least for night, take a hot shower, and sleep on a bed. Secondly, think about the weather beforehand. Make sure you know the weather forecast! There is an opportunity to get stuck in an area that may have limited food supplies and a risk of flooding. It is better to rent a car according to the road needs.


If you want to have a good New Zealand car trip, you should know and understand the camping system in here. The country is friendly. The panoramic views and attractions are at every step. What about you? You are also responsible for your vacation. It depends much on your choice of vehicle, your behavior, your budget, and your experience. Get prepared in the best way!

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