A Guide to Office Furniture and Decor

Setting up a base is never easy. In an aesthetic-dominant world, decor and furniture play a crucial role. However, for businesses, efficiency and functionality are essential. With clients and potential investors visiting, companies cannot afford to compromise. 

Most Perth-based businesses spend anywhere from $580-$1450 per sq ft only on decor and furnishing. The price range of office furniture in Perth allows companies to draft a reasonable budget. Even with a budget, many companies struggle to decide what they need. You need not have to worry because this guide will give you an idea of how to choose furniture that best suits your business. 


Work desks are essential pieces of furniture. Whether functions are laptop or pc-based, employees require a personal workspace. Look for tables with drawers or cabinets to maximize storage. 

Research on work lifestyle in Perth shows that employees spend almost 8-10 hours seated. This inactivity can lead to various health issues, impacting productivity. Adjustable tables that can extend are perfect for encouraging employees to stand while working after long hours of sitting. 

Encouraging physical activity is a perfect way to optimize employee potential. 

High Tables:

If work functions are laptop-based, high tables are a perfect solution. Create a different area for employees to work while standing as another productivity-optimizing decision. Moreover, it also makes workspaces more dynamic, allowing employees to choose where they want to work. 


With the work lifestyle in Perth, chairs and their specifics are the most crucial furnishing decisions to make. In Perth, over 45% of all employees have encountered back issues. Investing in chairs with lumbar support can help maximize employee productivity by ensuring their comfort. Creating an environment where employees are comfortable and valued can help improve employee satisfaction. 

While purchasing wheeled chairs, always choose those with five legs or more to prevent accidents. Those with four legs or fewer are less stable. 

Storage Cabinets:

Companies value information and data, especially consumer data. While online information storage has reduced the need for physical data storage, companies love to be extra safe. Physical data storage is one way to mitigate the consequences of data loss. 

Look for space-optimisation options while browsing through cabinet designs. In-build cabinets and drawers save space and make workspaces more spacious. Sliding doors also help in conserving space. 


Waiting areas need to exude comfort and entertainment. Research shows that guests are more likely to stay patient in an engaging waiting area. While looking for office furniture in Perth, consider soft cushioned and durable sofas. Sofas that wear quicker will need replacement or refurbishment. 

Decor Tips:

After choosing furniture, setting up is the next daunting task. Even with the appropriate furnishing, the wrong setup could lead to chaos. 

Tones and Schemes:

Color plays a crucial role in how we perceive entities. While picking out furniture, always stick to a scheme. There are light and dark woods that pair well with white and darker shades. 

While deciding on a color scheme, keep in mind the psychology of colours. Lighter tones are more calming, whereas brighter shades are more energetic. Many manufacturers also sell coloured furniture to match vibrant schemes.


Lighting also contributes to the behavior of those at the workplace. Warmer lights make one feel comfortable and are perfect for waiting and lounge areas. On the other hand, brighter lights leave everyone feeling energetic.

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