Omega Strikers: Very best People Tier List

The finest people in Omega Strikers are both great forwards and goalies. Their abilities need to be quick-to-learn and easy-to-use in both of those of all those roles. But it turns out that only a handful of people can really do both of those of people careers nicely.

Our tier listing guide of the best people in Omega Strikers focuses on equally excellent forwards and goalies, and in circumstance a particular character is improved in one of these roles, then it is explicitly talked about underneath.

S-Tier Figures


Asher is exceptional as both equally a forward and a goalie. All of her talents can be used to a terrific extent in any match-up and position.

As a forward, she is exceptionally intense, particularly with her Breakthrough and Pathsplitter qualities that allow her to knockout and trade with opponents like no other forward in the video game.

As a goalie, Asher can be a little bit slow, but if you apply her Arc Beam skill, then opponents have no chance of finding by way of her due to its broad and large effect. Which is when her knockbacks can be really useful, much too.

All round, this is the greatest and most universal character in Omega Strikers as of now.


Drek’Ar is an additional remarkably productive character that has a person of the greatest talents in the recreation, Xeno Cloak, which permits him to come to be invisible.

But that’s not his only gain, as he can hit really challenging and press forward almost unstoppably. That is what will make him a fantastic forward, in particular when working with his Lock and Load potential that is billed from the get-go and prepared to get absent the ball from any opponent.

Drek’Ar can also be a great goalie, as his Molten Bolt talent is ranged and can keep away any enemy forward from acquiring wherever close to him.

A-Tier Figures


Dubu is hefty, which makes him a fantastic ahead and goalie, but it also helps make him slow, and there is no having all-around that.

Even now, Dubu can drive ahead like no other character with the enable of his Somerassault capacity, which is AoE that stuns all opponents and stops the ball, allowing him to seize the initiative on the discipline.

As a goalie, he can place traps and partitions, working with his Bamboozle and Tofu Fortress expertise, blocking opponents from getting as well near to him.


Estelle is a quite potent character that requires a tiny little bit a lot more skill on the aspect of the player, if you want her to participate in properly.

She is largely a sniper, who can regulate the ball from a distance, which is possible due to her sniping ability Piercing Shot. But her greatest advantage is the Rose Warp teleport ability that will allow her to traverse the area in any way important. When combined, these two make Estelle 1 of the most effective forwards in the game.

These exact skills can be applied in her role as a goalie, but try to remember that managing Estelle is not a stroll in the park.

B-Tier Characters


Juliette is a one particular-trick-pony, but her a single trick is significant, as it enables her to simply knock virtually any opponent off the map regardless of stagger employing her Fiery Fist potential.

She is a first rate ahead, but she can be a fantastic just one, if you handle to Flame Flurry your opponent to the edge of the discipline and knock them off. However, she isn’t really as good of a goalie as the rest of the people.

But if you will need to put that ball into the objective, Juliette can be a great option.


Just like Juliette, Kai has one stable trick, which is his velocity of motion, but the rest could be superior, particularly buying and selling.

His speed means Blazing Tempo can be well utilized in both roles of a forward and a goalie. He can immediately get the ball to the opponent’s goal, an he could very easily address the full vary of his have intention.

Of system, it usually takes a good deal much more than pace to get game titles in Omega Strikers, but Kai can be a very good teammate for certain.


While X’s attacks are fairly large, the time wanted to activate them can definitely lead to some shed prospects.

But if he hits, then he hits tough, using his Bull Hurry means, specifically if you buff it up with his X Maximus talent.

But once again, if he misses, which is extremely substantially possible in opposition to a expert crew, then there just isn’t a lot you can do about it.

X’s kit just isn’t exactly conducive to currently being a fantastic goalie, though.

People are the finest people in Omega Strikers. If you were being seeking for suggestions on how to help save instruction loadouts in Omega Strikers, then follow he delivered link.

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