On “Fleabag”, a Corbyn government and Kenneth Clarke’s tandoori moments

I At last Acquired round to seeing a few episodes of “Fleabag” to see what all the fuss is about. A couple great scenes, I considered, and a magnificently disgusting character with a beard, but aside from that underwhelming. The breaking of conventions (addressing the digicam, graphic sexual references, sleeping with a priest) was tediously traditional the sentimentality, specially about a pet hamster, was cloying….“Fleabag” and the “Fleabag”-associated buzz is yet interesting for sociological good reasons: it demonstrates the annexation of however a further spot of ​​British lifetime by the self-worshipping higher-middle classes.

Comedy utilized to be a really doing the job-class affair. In the Victorian and Edwardian period the upper-courses (like Edward VII) went to audio halls to hear to doing work-course music and jokes. Lots of of the giants of put up-war comedy this kind of as Eric Morecambe and Les Dawson (pictured, remaining) arrived from the northern functioning class, their abilities honed in doing the job-men’s golf equipment and neighborhood talent contests. The “Carry On” movies traded in seaside-postcard smut whilst using pot-pictures at the pretensions of the British experienced lessons (“Carry On Doctor” is a masterpiece of doctor-deflation).

“Fleabag” is to comedy what “Coldplay” is to audio: a demonstration that yet yet another working-course redoubt has been extensively conquered by the qualified courses. Fleabag’s parents are living in a giant dwelling with a yard-occasion sized backyard garden. Her sister is a substantial-flying executive. Nevertheless she’s a bit of a drop-out, she’s a fall-out in the way that only pretty privileged people can be: she runs a (tediously wacky) café and turns up to get the job done when she needs to. This is as it ought to be. Persons should really publish about what they know and Phoebe Waller-Bridge (pictured, appropriate), the author of the collection, is a descendant of baronets and a product or service of Saint Augustine Priory, a posh Catholic college. But it is however a different case in point of British social closure as a tiny elite takes over at any time far more parts of British everyday living and then congratulates by itself on how magnificently rule-breaking they are.

A well-known rationalization for this good social closure is that the fix-is-in: a tiny clique of hyper-related metropolitan liberals have seized handle of the equipment of cultural creation and then toss a few baubles to selected minorities in order to persuade every person ( including on their own) that Britain is continue to an opportunity society. But I be concerned that the explanation may be darker: as the doing work class contracts and loses its cultural self-self confidence, so doing work course establishments these types of as working men’s clubs are dying. The modern equivalents of Les Dawson or the Carry On Group never have any place to master their craft when the Phoebe Waller-Bridges of this world drift from independent colleges to the Royal Academy of Spectacular Art certain that they are overturning social conventions and location the planet to legal rights.


Persons ARE at last beginning to take severely the chance of a governing administration led by Jeremy Corbyn, the Labor Celebration leader. Mr Corbyn’s extraordinary functionality in the final typical election, in 2017, was largely composed off as a protest vote: chunks of Remainer England voted for Mr Corbyn exactly for the reason that they believed that he experienced no hope of actually winning. Now with the Conservative Social gathering decided to demolish alone, and Brexit-related turmoil mounting, persons are getting seriously nervous.

Organizations are calculating just what a much-still left govt would indicate and preparing to act appropriately. Overseas powers are beginning to think significantly about what they would do if Britain were operate by a guy whose fundamental overseas coverage theory is “whatever The us is for I’m against”. The Israelis are terrified about the prospective customers of a British primary minister who has supported Hamas, a militant Islamist team in Palestine, and indulged anti-Semites in his party’s ranks. I suspect that dread of a Corbyn-led authorities will shortly grow to be a key drive in British politics—and not just a imprecise theoretical worry but a real and vivid panic. People today will transfer. Dollars will flee. International powers will get ready for the worst.


The BRITISH political system is practically flawlessly designed to make a hash of withdrawing from the European Union (EU). The method is an adversarial just one: the governing occasion faces the opposition across a yawning divide and politicians bellow at each individual other. But leaving the EU requires a collection of intricate compromises in the middle. The technique is also intended to deal with a issue and transfer on to some thing else: each side states its position, parliament divides, and then you transfer on. But leaving the EU demands persistence above all: you have to hold worrying absent at the similar issue for 7 days following week. It really is instead like working with a hammer to chop down a tree. This structural trouble is only going to get worse when (and if) parliament moves from the withdrawal arrangement to the additional laborious company of shaping our foreseeable future trading partnership with the EU.

Kenneth Clarke, who succeeds surprisingly effectively in combining his twin roles as Tory grandee and typical bloke, just lately gave a long interview to the Guardian in which he explained that he repairs to the Kennington Tandoori every Tuesday evening on his personal to take pleasure in a curry and study a duplicate of The Economist, A colleague of mine located himself having supper in that pretty Tandoori previous Tuesday. Certain enough Mr Clarke was sitting there, on his own in a window seat, solidly doing work his way via his copy of The Economist, When he still left his spot was taken by Ann Widdecombe, a former colleague of Mr Clarke’s who has just give up the Tories to be a part of Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party. My colleague are unable to be completely certain but he will not believe Ms Widdecombe was examining The Economist,

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