One particular Shots: The finest player-submitted MMO screenshots of 2022

For our very past 1 Pictures column of 2022, we’re going to just take a split from the plan to hand out awards to our most superb readers for their contributions about the previous calendar year. Whilst every person gets a participation trophy (it’s invisible, but it’s there), I combed via all 50 or so columns from 2022 to pluck out the complete ideal.

I did place a restrict that no a single could get far more than one award, even however some of you posted many great entries. So in no particular get, love the ideal player screenshots of 2022!

“Reflective Evenings Award”

Everybody likes to get individuals pictures of our figures with their backs to the digital camera and staring off into house, but I experience that Vincent captured this appear very best of all with this FFXIV snap.

“Creepy Freaky Award”

Bullwraith shipped a genuinely nerve-chilling glimpse at an military of zombies outside of a cage in Elder Scrolls Online. I can stay locked in right here, thank you incredibly a great deal.

“Stealth Shot Award”

You imagine your rogue is all stealthy? Stormwaltz managed to cloak an total starship in Star Trek On the net!

“Tree of the Year Award”

Not each individual sapling, mighty oak, or donut sprinkle tree is up for this award, and only a single could get it. Fortunately, Katriana uncovered the most effective tree in Guild Wars 2. Will come with its possess nightlight.

“Desolate Landscapes Award”

For a place that I’d be satisfied to visit in-activity but terrified to see in actual lifestyle, I’m heading with Sleepy’s Warhammer On the internet windmill.

“Honey I Shrunk the Award Award”

When huge is tiny and minor is significant, you can count on Toy Clown to be on the scene. Listed here, a ladybug ferries a character across a book in Shed Ark. Neat!

“Getting Punchy With It Award”

Really don’t dis IronSalamander8 in FFXIV, simply because this will happen. The upside is that your demise will be recorded for posterity.

“Outer Area Vista Award”

Area might be chilly, silent, and filled with a whole large amount of nothingness, but Minimalistway managed to capture 1 of its additional visually arresting sights with this EVE On the internet post.

“Everything’s Usual Below Award”

Very little to see right here — it is just Scott on a entirely normal, even boring, adventure with a traveling hippo on the moon in FFXIV.

“Fashion Fulfills Lethality Award”

RimaHadley channeled the spirit of Sailor Moon for this action-packed FFXIV pic. Do not glance at the arrow, you may possibly go blind.

“Skybox Award”

Drelkag was 1 of the pretty handful of individuals to venture into Ryzom and return with evidence. Perhaps if a lot more individuals noticed skyboxes like this, they’d look at it out?

“Scheduled Downtime Award”

What do you do with your downtime in MMOs? Hikari goes to the amusement park in Tower of Fantasy, which sounds like the ideal solution to that dilemma.

“The Eyes Have It Award”

Utakata expended a lot of time documenting adventures in Blade and Soul this yr, but for my revenue, none had been as arresting as this simple character portrait.

“Nuclear Sunset Award”

I’m a tiny worried that LOTRO’s Center-earth just got nuked, but at the very least Hirku Two was about to seize the instant prior to all the Hobbits mutated.

Each 7 days, Just one Photographs shines a spotlight on the finest neighborhood screenshots from your MMO adventures. If you have a wonderful pic to share, electronic mail it to [email protected] with the matter “One Photographs.” Make positive that the image is in excess of 880px extensive and arrives with a description or story!


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