Ooblets: How to Get Oobsidian

Oobsidian is a crafting content in Ooblets that’s an vital part of quite a few recipes and required for finishing particular quests and Tinstle Tasks through the video game. Whether you are making your initial Oobcoop or gathering things to restore Gimble’s balloon, you may will need the useful resource within your initial few of days in Badgetown, but the place do you obtain it?

There are a handful of means to get your palms on Oobsidian, while none of them are economical or what 1 would phone easy. This manual will explain to you every little thing you will need to know. 

Before we begin, it truly is worth recognizing what this material appears to be like like. Oobsidian is a black stone with diagonal grey markings and resembles a smooth river rock. As opposed to most of the other in a natural way transpiring crafting components in Ooblets, Oobsidian is incredibly exceptional and hugely ruled by RNG. You would not locate it in droves. 

Obtain Oobsidian with Wishies

Every time you entire a daily obstacle, get a badge, or entire a dance-off in the Dance Barn, you will get a certain number of Wishies, which you can expend in the Wishing Perfectly to unlock new recipes, provide extra Ooblets to Badgetown, or purchase precise, really hard-to-find goods.

You can purchase one particular Oobsidian for 100 Wishies. To access the Wishing Well: 

  • Open your Grumboire.
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  • Find the “Things” tab.
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  • Simply click the fountain icon underneath your player stage on the still left.&#13
    • There will be a banner up coming to it with the number of Wishies you at present have. 
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Hold in brain that this isn’t really the best use of Wishies early in the video game. You must alternatively be spending them on new recipes and blueprints, as nicely as choices that convey extra Ooblets to Badgetown. Help save this as a last resort or for the late match. 

The only way to consistently get it is by spending 100 Wishies in the Wishing Very well. You acquire Wishies by completing daily tasks, getting a variety of badges, and

There is no a person put to uncover or farm it consistently. As a substitute, you can expect to have to search each nook and cranny all-around Badgetown and inside of the town’s properties to get it.

Forage for Oobsidian

Foraging for Oobsidian is perhaps the most successful approach for acquiring the coveted resource — and indicating it’s successful is pushing the definition of the phrase. No matter, preserve your eyes peeled as you roam about Badgetown finishing Tinstle Tasks, scanning Ooblets, and chatting to the townsfolk. 

Due to the fact Oobsidian is black, it stands out against the vivid colors of Badgetown. You can expect to also recognize a sparkle higher than and around Oobsidian, unlike other forageable objects. Also hold in brain that it can be uncovered inside of some of the homes, as perfectly. Below are some destinations to look: 

  • By the Badgetown Oobnet Tower and gate to the Wildlands
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  • In the lawn of the white property in between Arah’s residence and the Dance Barn.
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  • In the upper body in the purple household to the still left of the Lernery. 
  • &#13

  • Underneath the Badgetown map up coming to Meed’s Seeds.
  • &#13

  • On the Badgetown beach front. 
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Crack Rocks on Your Farm

You will have to have to crack rocks on your farm to keep it cleanse and make new plots. There are also some every day challenges that reward a tiny number of Wishies for breaking rocks. But you ought to also do so for the tiny opportunity of having a piece of Oobsidian. It is uncommon, but it can materialize. 


Each and every after in a while, you can hook a piece of Oobsidian by seadangling. Make certain to put items into the Reconstitooter to get Simple Bait, which will increase your slender chances of acquiring the crafting content. You can commit Wishies upgrading the Reconstitooter to procedure goods faster and craft Large Quality Bait and Tremendous Bait, but as with obtaining Oobsidian, help save your Wishies for other updates and objects initial.

Go to the Ephemeral Ooblet Trip Spot

When you correct Gimble’s Balloon, you are going to be able to journey to new spots, like Mamoonia and Nullwhere. Each and every as soon as in a whilst, you might obtain a message in a bottle on the Badgetown seaside. This is an invitation to an Ooblet island vacation spot. You can only journey to this spot with the invitation, but always go when you have the probability to collect the Oobsidian littering the island

Gain Dance Barn Dance-Offs

As you degree up, you are going to get new Tinstle Responsibilities, just one of which is known as “Reopen the Dance Barn.” As soon as done, you may have entry to the Dance Barn in the northern portion of Badgetwon, to the still left of the Frunbuns Clubhouse. 

Listed here, you can participate in Dance Battles with special principles, these kinds of as only currently being equipped to use signature talents or removing all defeat fees for all moves. You can also get unique rewards, these as Oobsidian.

There is certainly currently no precise rotation in which Oobsidian appears, but be certain to examine the Match Schedule by getting into the barn and interacting with the sign-up sheet on the desk on the ideal facet. 

It is truly worth noting that you ought to defeat a few opponents to acquire the daily prize. The initial dance-off is a 1v1 struggle, the second 2v2, and the third 3v3, so be positive to deliver your best, most highly effective Ooblets.

Get It From Gleamy Ooblet Poop

Gleamy Ooblets are about as rare as Oobsidian, so it can make perception that they’d have the potential to make the content … by pooping it out. If you are lucky enough to occur across the glittering, shining Ooblets in your travels, problem them to a dance battle and get one of their seeds it won’t make a difference which Ooblet kind. 

Plant the seed, hold out for them to increase to maturity, and harvest them. Then leave the Gleamy Ooblet on your farm. Really don’t assign them to an Oobcoop, but alternatively permit them roam all-around no cost. Pet them from time to time (not absolutely sure if this is a prerequisite, but it does not harm to be wonderful), and just about every blue moon, they’ll poop out just one piece of Oobsidian. 

The major takeaway from this information is that receiving Oobsidian just isn’t an simple process. As a single of the most elusive crafting materials in the video game, you can expect to be chasing it just as you will Clothlets. But with these tips, you should really up your probabilities, even if by a minor bit. For much more on Ooblets, check out out our guides hub appropriate here

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