Organising Your Wine: How to Increase Its Life

Wine is one of the most popular fermented alcoholic beverages in the world. You get a wide range of options in wine from both local and international manufacturers. And undoubtedly, it comes with its own shelf life, and some buyers would believe in checking the manufacturing date before buying a bottle of wine. However, when it comes to a few classic ones, experts believe that wine tastes better when it ages more. 

In order to increase the shelf life of a bottle of wine, you must know how to organise and preserve it. So, you can get a customised wine rack to place your collection in the way you prefer it to be kept. But if you want to learn the correct way of organising your wine stock, stick to your screen and read this article till the end to get some exciting information. 

How to Store and Organise Your Wine Bottles at Home

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You must have visited a winery and noticed how they arranged the cellar with hundreds of bottles of wine and still look appealing and organised. Meanwhile, an expert would know how to preserve their wine to maintain its original taste. But it can be difficult for an ordinary man to learn new things about them. So, here are some tips on how to store and organise your wine cellar:

  • Learn About Wine Cellaring 

Wine cellaring means organising your collection of wine bottles according to their taste, range and price. The least expensive wines should be kept on the top of the rack so that you end up using them first. And your premium wine collection should be stacked at the bottom of the shelf so that they are less exposed to heat and can be preserved for special occasions. You can also arrange your wine according to the wine age, grape time, price, and wine region.

  • Utilise Your Storeroom for Making Your Wine Cellar

The basement or the storeroom in your house is the right place to install a wine rack and arrange your collection. It is the area of your home where you have the least amount of light exposure and a cooler temperature (storing wine at a cool or moderate temperature will extend its shelf life). Besides, avoid setting up a wine cellar in the kitchen, as it is the warmest room in a house.

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  • Keep the Cork Wet

A wine bottle with a wooden cap/cork is most likely to get damaged first. Therefore, it should be organised on the sides of the rack to allow the wine to get in contact with the corks. This is because the corks should always be kept moist so that no or only a little seeps into the bottle. 

Now, as you must have learned some tips on preserving wine, you should also know what rack you need to arrange the wine decently. So, the most commonly found wine racks in Australia are:

  1. Hanging wine cellars
  2. Modular table wine racks
  3. Wall-mounted racks
  4. Refrigerated racks
  5. Cubicle walk-in cellars

There are many other exciting racks that you can find at a local manufacturer in Australia, but the above-mentioned ones are some of the most popular and classic wine organisers. 

Additionally, remember to measure the area where you wish to install the wine rack so that you can get it customised according to the available space. Most cellar rack manufacturers give you the liberty of getting your shelves customised. So, you can select small details like the size, colour, light, background and more specific features that tag along with a rack. 

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