Overwatch 2 Guide – How to Enjoy Roadhog, Sigma, Sojourn, and Reaper

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You’ve almost certainly noticed that two Tanks have mostly dominated both of those Unranked and Ranked participate in around the past a number of months. But why is one of them Roadhog? The answer is not in the buffs he’s received, but in how all other Tanks have faced nerfs whilst he’s largely the exact considering that Overwatch 2 introduced. With 700 HP, Rebreather to mend himself for about half that much (even though having lessened damage), and hook enemies ahead of 1-shotting with his Scrap Gun is much too excellent.

Scrap Gun has an alternate hearth mode that sends a scrap projectile that explodes in a spread. It may seem iffy, but situation it on an enemy’s head in advance of it spreads, and you can deal significant damage. Roadhog’s Greatest is Complete Hog, which fires a ongoing spread of scrap, knocking again enemies.

Together with becoming in a position to cancel the Best, he can also heal and hook an enemy in the center of it. While it’s not the biggest damage seller in the activity, it is nevertheless great for sending opponents off maps or clearing room. Also, it is wonderful in near quarters when your enemy is backed versus the wall with nowhere to run.

Though Roadhog can be fantastic in several cases, it is really worth noting that you are going to want Kiriko on your staff. Protection Suzu is necessary for cleansing the anti-mend consequences of Ana’s Biotic Grenade, and Kitsune Hurry pairs quite very well with Full Hog to shred groups apart. Specified how considerably damage he usually takes, Roadhog also tends to make a fantastic goal for Kiriko to recover and speedily develop up Rush, even further raising their synergy.

How to Play Sigma

Like Roadhog, Sigma hasn’t viewed numerous modifications given that the launch of Overwatch 2. He nevertheless promotions a ton of hurt, possesses heaps of utility, and has excellent survivability. On the draw back, there’s no mobility, which is tough in today’s meta of Roadhog/Doomfist/Kiriko/Lucio/Tracer/Sojourn.

Even so, he can continue to be pretty superior in maps like Circuit Royal. Hyperspheres are Sigma’s Main assault, launching two sphere-like projectiles that explode right before returning to his arms. These offer 55 immediate damage and up to 30 splash harm every single. His Secondary is the Experimental Barrier, which sends a floating barrier out. It travels farther on keeping the button down. Releasing it will cause it to quit, and urgent the button once again will recall it (with a limited cooldown until it can be utilised once more).

Kinetic Grasp will soak up projectiles shot at Sigma and grant temporary health. It just can’t soak up beams, melee attacks (nevertheless the electricity waves from Ramattra’s Pummel is effective) or splash harm. Accretion tosses debris at an enemy, knocking them down. It’s great from Damage dealers due to the fact a fast Major attack can normally end them off.

Gravitic Flux is Sigma’s Greatest. It lifts enemies into the air and slams them down, dealing destruction equal to 50 p.c of their overall health and fitness. So if an enemy is under 50 per cent wellness, this properly kills them. Just make guaranteed to target an enemy Baptiste before he can get his Immortality Discipline out.

Over-all, tons of stuff to like, and Sigma can be situationally superior, matching up nicely in opposition to Roadhog on some instances. Doomfist is problematic due to his mobility, and even Winston could pose a challenge given that his electrical power can’t be absorbed. But if you encounter an annoying Bastion or want anything various, Sigma is a fantastic decision.

How to Enjoy Sojourn

Irrespective of an raise in rifle unfold, improved cooldown to Energy Slide, problems slide-off on Railgun and getting rid of the sluggish result of Disruptor Shot, Sojourn is however one of the top Harm sellers. That is owing to several reasons, but let’s split down her package to start with.

Sojourn’s Major fire is an automated rifle. Dealing harm to everything – shields, turrets, enemies – fees the Railgun, fired with the Secondary assault. Disruptor Shot makes a area that damages enemies about time (and is incredibly great at having down low-overall health opponents), when Electrical power Slide lets her quickly slide alongside the floor. Jumps for the duration of Electrical power Slide have elevated height.

Overclock is her Supreme, and automatically fees Railgun though producing it to deal far more harm. It allows for firing numerous Railgun shots with impunity. Overall, Sojourn is excellent because of to the a person-hit kill likely of Railgun. Nail a Railgun headshot, and you will seriously weaken all but the sturdiest of Tanks. It is also not hard to charge up – hearth a few pictures with the Main fireplace, let the unfold reset and fireplace once again to make up a respectable quantity of demand.

Heroes like Reaper, Tracer and Genji, who can dive Sojourn, are dead if she lands a handful of pictures adopted by a Railgun shot. As this sort of, Doomfist can be a great counter owing to his Electrical power Block and Empowered Rocket Punch combo. If you are dealing with a Sojourn pocketed by Mercy, get her down initially or points will be harder.

How to Participate in Reaper

Reaper’s spot in the meta is exciting considering the fact that Tracer can correctly be swapped out for him if the enemy team performs Winston. When his Hellfire Shotguns profit from being up shut and private, he’s still good at dueling at medium assortment and can match up in opposition to Tracer, Cassidy, Genji, and so on.

Shadow Move will allow for teleporting to a specific spot. Wraith Variety brings about Reaper to become invulnerable and move a lot quicker, but he simply cannot attack – it also routinely reloads his ammo on ending. Dealing damage to enemies presents passive therapeutic, more increasing survivability, and his Best, Demise Blossom, sees Reaper firing in all instructions with his shotguns.

The variety on Dying Blossom isn’t awesome, but it is fantastic for taking down the Supports when they the very least be expecting it. Just one way to enjoy Reaper is to teleport to the enemy backline, focus on any unsuspecting enemies, and then use Wraith Sort to escape. He also pairs effectively with Kiriko’s Kitsune Hurry, working excessive destruction due to the improved hearth fee. When not matching much too properly from Roadhog these days, he can nevertheless be an productive counter if the latter misses their hooks and photographs.

Be cautious when experiencing extended-assortment hitscans like Sojourn, Widowmaker or Ashe. If they see you coming, they can burst you down in advance of you get shut. Continue to, if you are sneaky more than enough, you can catch them unawares. Airborne heroes like Pharah and Echo are a greater nuisance – often, it’s far better to swap except you can earn the floor struggle speedily.

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