Overwatch 2: How to Get Skins

There are a ton of skins to get across Overwatch 2‘s 35 hero roster, some being available through the Battle Pass and others obtainable with the game’s currencies.

Our guide will provide you with tips on how to get skins in Overwatch 2, including tips on how to transfer skins from the first game. You will also find a list of all new Overwatch 2 skins in the end.

How to Get Skins

Currently, all Overwatch 2 players have access to five types of skins in the “Heroes” menu by selecting “Skins” tab, including:

  • Default skins (White)
  • Rare skins (Blue)
  • Epic skins (Purple)
  • Legendary skins (Gold)
  • Mythic skins (Multicolor)

The default Overwatch and Overwatch 2 skins are available to all players for free, but note that there is only one Mythic skin designed for Genji, titled “Cyber Demon”, which can be unlocked at Tier 80 in Season One Battle Pass. A few other skins can be obtained only by reaching a certain tier as well.

All other types of skins can be purchased for one of the four in-game currencies:

  • Overwatch Coins (Gold)
  • Legacy Credits (White)
  • Competitive (Purple)
  • Tokens (Blue)

Overwatch Coins is the main currency in the game that allows you to purchase most of the new skins. It can be earned by either completing seasonal Battle Pass challenges, or by purchasing them with real money.

Legacy Credits consist of your earnings from the first Overwatch game, and can be used to purchase some old Overwatch skins, which will be available in Overwatch 2 as well. These credits transfer automatically if you use the same Battle.net account as before.

Competitive currency can be earned only by playing in the Ranked Competitive mode. This currency is used for turning your weapons into their golden versions.

Tokens are designed specifically for purchasing League skins and cosmetics. This currency can be earned by watching League matches on Twitch, or by purchasing them with real money.

How to Transfer Skins

If you play Overwatch exclusively on PC, then you will see that all your old skins are transferred automatically to Overwatch 2, if you use the same account.

But if you play or want to play Overwatch 2 on your console, then here’s what you need to do to be able to transfer all of your old skins:

  1. Log into your Battle.net account on PC.
  2. Go to “Connections” menu.
  3. Select platform that you wish to connect.
  4. Press “Connect” to confirm.
  5. Press “Continue” to begin the process.
  6. Press “Continue” again once the system detects your gamer tag.
  7. Wait for “Connection Successful!” screen to appear.

Once this is done, you need to start your console and do the following:

  1. Start Overwatch 2 on your console.
  2. Press “Continue” at the “Cross Progression is Here” screen.
  3. Press “Confirm Account” to confirm your account for merge.
  4. Wait for “Your account has been merged!” message to appear.

The entire process after that will take a few hours. You can check the merge queue status in the “Account Merge” menu.

All New Overwatch 2 Skins and Prices

Season One Battle Pass Skins

The following skins can be unlocked once you achieve a certain tier during Season One Battle Pass:

  • D.va (Tier 1): EDM skin (Epic)
  • Winston (Tier 10): Tactical skin (Epic)
  • Kiriko (Tier 20): Hinotori skin (Legendary)
  • Sojourn (Tier 30): Commando skin (Legendary)
  • Junker Queen (Tier 40): Beast Hunter skin (Epic)
  • Mercy (Tier 50): Miko skin (Legendary)
  • Pharah (Tier 60): Sky Centurion skin (Legendary)
  • Cassidy (Tier 70): Forest Ranger skin (Epic)
  • Genji (Tier 80): Cyber Demon skin (Mythic)

Three more new skins can be obtained by purchasing the following packs:

Junker Queen Skins

  • Circuit Breaker (Legendary): 1,900 coins.
  • Wastelander (Legendary): 1,900 coins.
  • Punker Queen (Epic): 1,000 coins.
  • Actinium (Rare): 300 coins.
  • Plutonium (Rare): 300 coins.
  • Radium (Rare): 300 coins.
  • Uranium (Rare): 300 coins.

Sojourn Skins

  • Troop Commander (Legendary): 1,900 coins.
  • Captain Chase (Legendary): 1,900 coins.
  • Runner (Epic): 1,000 coins.
  • Borealis (Rare): 300 coins.
  • Prairie (Rare): 300 coins.
  • Tundra (Rare): 300 coins.
  • Woodland (Rare): 300 coins.

Kiriko Skins

  • Athleisure (Legendary): 1,900 coins.
  • Sukajan (Legendary): 1,900 coins.
  • Matsuri (Epic): 1,000 coins.
  • Ajisai (Rare): 300 coins.
  • Fuji (Rare): 300 coins.
  • Take (Rare): 300 coins.
  • Tanpopo (Rare): 300 coins.

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