Is OYO Making Profit? All You Need to Know Before Investing in OYO Unlisted Shares

OYO is a company that offers shared accommodation and property services. It was founded in 2014 by Ritesh Agarwal. OYO is a popular lodging option for travelers and business people. The company has over 3,000 hotels and serviced apartments in 140 cities across India. The business model is based on providing accommodation at a fraction of the market price. 

The company has received a lot of funding from investors and has been able to expand its market share in India recently. However, investors may wonder whether the company is making a profit. A lot of investors want to know if it is safe to buy unlisted OYO Shares and if it is a good investment to buy the Oyo Share price.

Take a look at the facts. To begin you need to understand what an unlisted company and an unlisted share are, and also, how to invest in one.

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What is an Unlisted Share? 

An enterprise that has not listed its shares in the stock exchange is known as an unlisted company and unlisted shares are not sold in the stock exchanges. You can’t buy or sell unlisted shares from the stock exchanges. The company may decide to list its shares on the stock exchange in the future. But for now, unlisted shares are not available for trading. 

To buy unlisted shares, you should contact the management of the company directly. You can buy shares directly from them. Generally, investors buy unlisted shares directly from the companies based on the tips they get from brokers or financial advisors. 

OYO Company is not listed on the stock exchange. So, it is an unlisted company. Investors can buy shares directly from the company. Before you invest in OYO, it’s important to understand the risks and benefits. You should also check if it is the right time to buy OYO. There are many things that you should keep in mind before you invest in OYO.

All You Need to Know Before Investing in OYO Unlisted Shares

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  • OYO Rooms was launched in 2014 and the success of OYO has led to the rise of many startups in the same category. Investors are putting a lot of trust into OYO rooms and coming forward to invest in the company for further development 
  • If you have been thinking about investing in OYO Rooms, then you should know that there are some big risks involved. While it is a lucrative option, it is also a risky one. 
  • The company has seen a major loss in the past years and the investment might not be profitable yet. At the same time, the company has managed to still be relevant to the market demands and changes. 
  • OYO is planning to expand in other countries like the USA, Europe, and Latin America in the coming years and this can be profitable to the investors at the same time expansion can also result in a loss if not planned and implemented properly.  

Be it an investment, it includes a set of risks involved and it depends on every individual and their risk appetite to make a decision. After detailed research, if you feel OYO shares can be a good fit for your investment portfolio you can buy the unlisted share directly from the company. 

You can buy ESOPs directly from employees or promoters, or invest in PMS and AIF schemes that pick up unlisted shares.

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