Painting Tips For Better Homes And Gardens

It’s fun to start a painting project. It’s fairly easy once you get enough information to make it happen. Going DIY when painting walls is a common project for most homeowners. A great way to engage yourself in beautifying any home surfaces. You can do whatever you like and start creating art.

If you’re new with the whole painting DIY, you’re probably looking for dos and don’ts to help you get started. Being prepared and knowing what to expect down the road is a must to guarantee your walls don’t complain―“I was actually better off without the paint, thank you.” Well, here are a few things you might want to consider before jumping right in.

Pick the right paint

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A wide range of paints are available depending on your needs. There are oil, latex and water-based paints. Oil paints are more durable but takes time to dry. Latex dries more quickly, less blistering and is easier to work with, which means easier to clean up after. And water-based paints have become increasingly popular. They’re non-flammable, have a lower odor, also dries quickly and cleans up with water. You can ask your paint suppliers for advice if you aren’t confident with your options.

Choose modern yet classic colors

It can be quite challenging to pick just the right color. You’ll be surprised that it’s not a cakewalk when picking colors. There are different variations and shades of a single color, so it can get pretty confusing. It’s wise to avoid trendy colors as they only work for a time before it gets too bland or tacky. They are called trends for a reason. They only last for a season. Opt for long-lasting hues instead. You’ll realize these type of shades transcend time. And you’ll have the flexibility of items to bring in a room without worrying too much if it will go well with it.        

Get reliable and quality painting service (tools)

Always get the best-quality tools to produce great results. Painting may get messy and you don’t want to stop mid-way because the bargain paint rollers you purchased gave up. Tools are investments as you get to reuse them time and again for small or big home projects. Taking care of your reusable supplies and tools is recommended to preserve durability and effectivity for future use.

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Learn about pre, mid and post painting work

Prepping for paint work is vital. Tape up plastic sheets or protective floor covers to prepare for spillage or paint splashes. Remove any other item that could get paint on them. Clear the area so you have more room to work on. Cleaning up is also important. Paint can be tough to clean up after but there are accessible instructional videos you can check online to help you. Get as much information as you possibly can before actually doing it to make your DIY a success.

Consider the whole picture

Look around the room or space when deciding to paint a wall. You have to put into consideration how the room is going to be utilized. Match the color and your ideas to the space, the items and the lighting conditions. Colors sometimes change with how lit up or dark the space is. You don’t want to paint an entire wall with a bold glaring red for a room intended for rest and relaxation. A lighter shade of greens or blues would be fitting to create that ambience.

If you’re looking to go big with home improvements, you’ll be delighted with the amount of services available that will cater to your dream of a beautiful home. A team of experts in the Seattle area offer their services to work with clients. Prefab homes are becoming popular and are relatively cheaper. With a well-designed living space, your painting DIY ideas will be so much more inspiring.

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