Phasmophobia .8 Tempest Update Patch Notes

Phasmophobia‘s Tempest Update has now arrived, delivering significant graphics, climate, and performance enhancements as very well as this year’s Holiday function. This significant update has produced the weather conditions bordering precise places more risky and harsh, and ghosts are haunting locales for for a longer time and more time each night time, with some vanishing soon prior to sunrise.

Commencing today until early January, gamers can get component in the Phasmophobia 2022 Vacation celebration exactly where they can generate a One of a kind Getaway Trophy as properly as an exceptional Holiday break ‘22 ID card and badge. The Tempest update also created some modifications in The Tailor made Difficulty award multiplier which have been lessened by 80%. These adjustments really should now different tailor made online games into a hard manner and a enjoyment manner, whilst default problems continue to be the key suggests of character progression.

To compensate for the modifications produced to Personalized Problems, Phasmophobia will give further benefits for carrying out properly in the default complications, worthwhile those with the keenest eye for ghost identification. The benefits for secondary aims will also be changed to persuade players to satisfy the major objective in every recreation fairly than disregarding it. The subsequent are the further awards readily available as section of the .8 update:

  • Investigation reward
    • If you can identify the ghost accurately and escape alive, you will double the money and expertise you gain for the major and secondary aims you comprehensive during that deal!
  • Ideal Investigation reward
    • If you deal with to full the higher than but additionally accumulate the bone, and fill your journal with 3-star pictures, you will acquire an additional sum of revenue and practical experience on prime of the Investigation reward!
  • Secondary targets have experienced their rewards decreased to make way for the Investigation bonuses

Phasmophobia’s Tempest Update also involves many improvements to ghosts which are as follows: 

All ghosts

  • Hunting ghosts’ model sparkles are now synced throughout all players (which should also aid hunt picture dependability)
  • When searching, ghosts now affect lights at the exact selection as tools, if on the exact floor.
  • Raiju – 15m
  • All other ghosts – 10m


Wraiths have been adjusted to match their journal description better

  • Wraith will never ever move in a salt pile
  • Up-to-date journal weak spot


Obake has finally remembered how to shapeshift!

  • Through a hunt, Obake has a 6.66% possibility just about every time it glints to shapeshift into a distinctive ghost’s kind. They will then return to their initial kind.
  • This is confirmed to take place at minimum after for every hunt, so preserve your eyes peeled!


The legendary Revenant has been still left powering in the ranks of the new threatening ghosts. So, we’re ultimately returning some previous glory to the speed beast, and adjusting how this ghost hunts, hopefully putting them back on the podium!

  • As a substitute of slowing down instantly right after shedding line of sight, Revenant will retain their enhanced velocity until reaching your previous recognised placement
  • Their speed will now lessen little by little above 2.7 seconds (.75m/s) in its place of instantly


As Goryo has a background of disobeying their roaming adjustments, we have ultimately place an stop to the more than-discovering ghost

  • Goryo can no for a longer time transform its favored area or roam extended distances


Hantu’s key ability’s visuals have been modified

  • Hantu’s cold breath will now participate in in any room throughout hunts if the breaker is off
  • Hantu cold breath visuals have been improved


  • Yurei can no for a longer time use their capability when there is no door in its current room

Phasmophobia’s Tempest Update also added numerous new features together with some fixes, which you can study additional about on the Phasmophobia Steam page.

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