Plan the Memorial Service of your Dead Loved Ones

Whenever there’s a death it’s a loss for someone, time to grief for the lost loved one. However, there is a lot to be taken care of and managed during their funerals and it becomes tough and stressful to organize and manage things when you are in deep pain and sorrow.

Here, we are going to discuss with you all the steps involved in making arrangements for a Funeral making things simple for you.

1. Making the “First Calls”-

This starts with informing the concerned people and parties and getting the deceased removed from the place of death.

2. Transportation of Deceased

It involves the transfer of the deceased to a funeral home or other facility, and sometimes the deceased has to be transferred from some other places.

3. Checking for Pre-arrangements 

You should check if the deceased has left any pre-arranged funeral plan with the funeral service provider. 

4. Planning Funeral Services

Planning the funeral service is a systematic manner which will require to meet with a funeral director responsible for making all the arrangements. It involves discussing how the dead will be cared for and how their burial or cremation will take place.

5. Making Cemetery Arrangements

It involves arranging for a cemetery property to purchase interment property (e.g. Plot, grave, crypt, a niche, or an urn). Your funeral director will help you through these arrangements.

6. Selecting Funeral and Memorable Items

This one is the most important part of the funeral. The necessary merchandise (casket, urns, burial, etc.) are selected and purchased. The memorable items (grave marker, online memorial) and all customized funeral stationery to traditional guest books, catholic funeral prayer cards, and more are selected.

The funeral stationery is essential in Catholic funeral programs, some people like the traditional approach in selecting funeral services while many like to give it their personalize touch, few of them are given below:

  • Funeral Guest Book

This is placed at a viewing or visitation and the funeral or memorial services. It helps in keeping the record of the people who visited the facilities to pay their tribute. The funeral guest book helps the family to involve in the healing process and knowing better, those who cared for your family in hard times.

Moreover, people who sign the registry book helps in showcasing their love and how the deceased touched and mattered to them. There are many styles of registry books available from simple standard books to personalized ones.

  • Photo Display Boards

This is an excellent option for remembrance. You can put a few photographs of the deceased at the place where you have arranged for the prayer meeting. These funeral photo display boards give you a chance to once again go into the memory lane of your loved ones and remember them with love and happiness.

  • Memorial Bookmarks

It’s a keepsake given by the family to those paying their respects to the deceased at the funeral. It is a bookmark with the photograph, birth, and death dates of the deceased. It can also be personalized by adding their favorite poem, song, quotations, and scriptures. You can always consult a memorial printing consultant for ideas or themes. 

  • Memorial Prayer Cards 

It is the traditional part to have a Catholic funeral prayer cards as a memorial. They often include a Holy religious symbol, prayer, and other information of the deceased person.  It is also a kind of keepsake for the mourners.

  • Memorial Photobooks

This is yet another way of remembering the deceased person similar to funeral photo display boards. They help you capture the memories left behind by the loved one. 

Getting the photos of the dead person printed and getting a whole photo book made is a great idea of gifting to show tribute and love towards the deceased and their family. 

There are many services available online which helps in printing these memorial photo books quickly, and it’s also very economical. You have to upload photos and arrange them in the pre-designed templates which you like, then select cover for the photobook and get it printed.

7. Handling Financial and Administrative Matters

It’s an important aspect to handle, and all these affairs should be put in order following the funeral with the sending death. Whether sending a notice to filing death benefit claims all should be looked in.

This whole information will help you in a great way at the time of your grief and will let you create a personalized and healing funeral experience.

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