Plumbed In Vs Bottled Water Cooler

A water cooler dispenser is one of the best investments you can make. It’s a vital tool that will help make getting cooled water a lot easier especially during those hot summer days. There are many options to choose from but mainly, you might want to pick between a bottled or a plumbed water cooler dispenser.


These are the top two types of water coolers out there. Each has its own benefits and some might be fitting for your specific needs as well. If you want to make a better-informed decision, then let’s break down and compare these two options.

Bottled Water Cooler

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Bottled Water Cooler


This is a machine that can cool or heat water using a refrigeration unit. These types of coolers are usually placed near power outlets because the entire unit runs on electricity. Most commonly, the water source for this type of cooler is a 5-gallon bottle of water that’s installed upside down.


It’s easy to install as all you really need to do is place the cooler inside your home or office. There’s no costly or complex installation needed.

One of the pros of a bottled water dispenser is that it’s a lot cheaper as compared to plumbed water coolers. However, it’s compact size also makes it perfect for small environments like small kitchen and even offices. If you have a small family, then it wouldn’t be a problem to have 5 gallon bottles sustaining you every week.


In terms of maintenance, bottled water coolers are pretty easy to care for. Aside from needing to clean them at least every 4 months, you’ll also only need to replace the bottle in case it runs out.

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As for the cons, the biggest there is for a bottled water cooler is that it’s troublesome to have to store, pick up, and refill the bottles regularly. 5 gallon bottles might not seem much to some but it can be very heavy for others. It’s harder to install if your water bottle cooler is higher than most.


Another con is that most bottled water coolers are usually loud when heating or cooling the water. However, this noise comes at the expense of having immediate hot or cool water all the time.

Plumbed Water Cooler

Plumbed Water Cooler

The main difference between bottled water coolers and plumbed water coolers is where the water comes from. A bottled water cooler will take water from a bottle installed at the top. On the other hand, plumbed water coolers take water from your main water supply.


The biggest pro of a plumbed water cooler is that you’re always going to have a constant water supply to drink out of. You don’t have to regularly call or order bottles of water as the source of the water is directly connected to the coller.


This can be a downside as well. In the rare occasion that the water supply goes out because of pipe problems from your supplier for instance, you won’t have any water to drink. As such, we suggest getting a few bottles of water inside your refrigerator just in case this happens.


Since the water is sourced directly from the supply, plumbed water coolers are also a lot better for offices with a large number or employees or a home with a large family. You don’t have to change or order gallons of water regularly.


The main water dispenser unit is just sa big as the main unit of a bottled water dispenser. However, since it doesn’t need bottles, it’s a bigger space saver as well.

As for the cons, one that might really bother some is that it’s harder to install. A plumbed water cooler needs to be connected to the main water system. In most cases, you’re going to need professionals to install the unit for you.


That being said, you can’t simply install the unit anywhere. It needs to be placed near your main water supply for easy access. Plumbed water dispensers also require more maintenance as you’ll need to check for leaks, clogs, and other possible problems.

These units are also more expensive especially when you count the installation costs. However, it’s a cheaper choice in the long-run as you don’t have to worry about ordering gallons of water anymore.


In truth, both types of water dispensers are good. Your choice will usually boil down to one of two things – the initial money you have to spend on a dispenser or the number of people who’ll be using the water.

Overall, both choices are better and more convenient as compared to buying bottles of water for your needs. Investing in a water dispenser is one of the investments you can make if you want clean, cooled and convenient water immediately. Make sure to weigh your options heavily as one might be better for your home or office.

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