Smart Reasons Why You Should Consider Plywood Furniture for Home Design

Plywood can do wonders for different types of construction jobs, especially in the home. For years, plywood has been used for building bathroom doors, wooden roofs, as well as walls. Nowadays, plywood has come a long way since it was first used to become a part of home design.

If you are currently searching for furniture to design your home, then you have come to the right place. Below are smart reasons why you should consider plywood furniture to design your home.

Plywood Is Not Flimsy

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One significant disadvantage of using conventional wood for furniture is that it’s known to be a fickle material. Traditional wood tends to stretch or swell when the environment it is placed in is too humid.

What’s even more disappointing is that traditional wood may unpredictably bow, twist, or cup due to internal stress, as caused by temperature changes. According to an article by HuffPost, plywood furniture expands and contracts but only on a minimal level. This is because of cross-graining, a process of gluing layers with grains running in alternate directions.

Durable and Stronger 

Medium-density fibreboard or MDF is a wood product formed from fibres of hardwood and softwood, which are glued through the use of resin and wax adhesive, according to Diffen. Because of its composition, MDF is quite cheap, but it is not as durable and robust as plywood.

You would be better off by getting plywood furniture because it is a far superior material compared to MDF. It is stiff, so it won’t show any sagging if too much weight is applied, and changes in temperature do not affect its strength and stability.

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Water and Fungal Resistant

Fungal moulds are a health hazard in the home as it can cause allergic reactions such as runny nose, skin rash, and even severe reactions such as the difficulty of breathing, according to WebMD. Furniture that can absorb moisture during high humidity creates a conducive environment for fungal growth. Fortunately, plywood furniture provides a solution to this predicament.

There are types of plywood that are resistant to water, which prevents fungal growth. Plywood has this feature because it has small core gaps that avoid water to settle inside the wood, according to Civil Today. If you are a health buff and care about the health of your loved ones, then plywood is undoubtedly the best option.

Aesthetically Appealing

Functionality is one of the main reasons why furniture is added to the home, but more importantly, it is used to make the home aesthetically appealing. Plywood furniture looks exceptional, especially if paired with the appropriate veneer.

You can opt to use a veneer of solid cherry, mahogany, hickory, or whatever species of wood you like to complement the interior of your home. You can even check out online stores that sell well-crafted plywood furniture that have striking and original designs. You will surely find a piece of furniture that will match the look you want to achieve to make your home adorable.

With all the reasons mentioned above, choosing plywood as furniture is one of the best ways to go. Plywood furniture would undoubtedly suit your home and even add more functionality to it—checkout out an online store today and select furniture from a wide range of plywood products.

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