Police Find Out Man Has Been Driving with No License Since 1950

The police in Nottinghamshire, England, were left baffled when they pulled over an elderly man and found out that he had been driving without a license for 72 long years. 

The man, who was said to be in his 80s, was caught by the authorities when the police stopped him right next to a Tesco Extra store in Bulwell, Nottinghamshire. 

The incident that we are talking about happened on January 26, 2022. 

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The elderly man was described to be very unsteady on his feet and had a hard time hearing.

The incident was confirmed by the Nottinghamshire Police, who said that the encounter happened while the City North OP Reacher team were patrolling in Sherwood and Carrington. 

Police Find Out Man Has Been Driving with No License Since 1950

The police officers pulled over the man’s blue Mini and approached the driver, who was born in 1938.

The man then told the police officers that he had been driving with no license and no insurance since he was just 12 years old.

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He also told them that he somehow managed to never be stopped by the authorities 

Despite not being old enough to legally drive the car at the time he started to, the man was not caught on his first drive around.

After even passing the legal age to drive, the man managed to go unnoticed for decades. 

The Nottinghamshire Police said in a post:

Thankfully he had never had an accident, caused anyone an injury, and never made anyone lose out financially, by hitting them whilst uninsured!

The police force said that they were extremely gentle with the driver and said that he was having a hard time hearing them, was pretty unsteady, and had poor reactions meant that he was not capable of safely driving on the road anymore. 

What are your thoughts on the driver managing to do the impossible for around 72 years? Let us know what you think about it by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

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