Popular dental procedures and techniques for improving smile

dental procedures for improving smile

Having a perfect smile is a great feeling. You can easily charm the people around and win their hearts. With straight and healthy teeth, you feel confident as well and exude a positive aura. However, some people don’t have a smile to write something good about. They are often plagued by one or another dental problems denting the glow and dazzle of their smile. Needless to say, their overall appearance looks dull and facial charms, uninspiring. After all, can you expect a cute smile with damaged, decayed, cracked, crooked, chipped, stained or discolored teeth? Well, yes, provided you consult a dentist trained in the art of improving smile with the use of a variety of procedures.

Here are some of popular dental procedures or techniques for improving smile –

Teeth whitening is quite a rage these days among people with stained or discolored teeth. The procedure is very helpful in removing surface stains cause either due to bad food choices or age. It can help lighten teeth and remove any signs of stains or colors. Once the procedure is done, the teeth can become whiter and brighter with a visible improvement to their aesthetic side.

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Fillings are used when the tooth has fracture due to cavities or other dental problems. They fill in lost space between the teeth and help restore their functional prowess. Dentists use compose fillings in various tooth-colored shades to match with the naturalness of your teeth. This procedure can also help you look good as worn out or damaged teeth often affect the facial aesthetic in a big way.

The use of veneer is quite common to create an attractive and perfect smile. In the procedure, a tiny part of porcelain will be bonded onto the front tooth to hide away any imperfections or blemishes. Veneers can blend in seamless with the teeth to change the shape, size, color, space and angle of the smile. They are fit for reshaping the teeth and restoring the charms of smile.

Dental crowns or caps are used to restore the healthy structure and appearance of teeth facing damage through decay or trauma. They are basically a non-removable cover made to restore the form, function and strength of the troubled teeth. They can blend in seamlessly with the original teeth to change it color, shape, form, space and ensure a natural appearance along the way.

Dental implants are perfect to replacing one or more of missing natural teeth and restore the beauty of smile. The procedure involving implants see a titanium-made metal post embedded into the jaw bone to replace the root of the natural tooth. After that, an artificial tooth will be attached to the implant for replacement purpose. This is how smile is restored in a pain-free manner.

This procedure is used to repair teeth (crooked, chipped or discolored) and change the shape of a tooth. With cosmetic bonding, your dentist can also close gaps or space between teeth and restore the beauty of your smile. Also known as composite veneers, this technique sees the use of a tooth-colored composite resin applied to the tooth to improve smile. It’s painless, one-sitting and cost-effective procedure.

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This branch of dentistry, also a procedure, is used to fix the position and orientation of crooked or misaligned teeth. It’s very helpful when you have crooked teeth or teeth not corrected properly. The procedure focuses on straightening the teeth and restoring their functionality and aesthetics. You can consult best dentist in Douglaston NY and get treatment for any type of dental problems affecting your everyday activity and smile.

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