Procedure to Add Ecommerce to your Website

E-commerce is growing rapidly and is the most profitable business globally. Here’s how you can add online shop to your website.

Adding e-commerce to your website is extremely profitable and beneficial for the business in today’s era, as the world is slowly adapting online buying and selling methods. Since last year, e-commerce sales have increased by 14.3% in the US, speculating that they will grow up to million by 2021. Retailers are also looking for ways to save money in their business; e-commerce helps save money. If your website is responsive, you can easily integrate the e-commerce feature into it without making changes to its designs or features. However, in today’s internet-based market, it is worthwhile to build an online business.

How to add e-commerce to a website:

You might have a question about how to add e-commerce to a website, so here is how you can do it easily.

  1. Use plug-ins to integrate e-commerce into your website:

You can add a lot of e-commerce platforms to your website. Then you can configure those platforms and sell them through your website. Make sure your website is up-to-date and adds an e-commerce extension to it. You can easily do this if your website is designed with the help of WordPress and CMS. And if you are using Shopify for your online store, boom, that’s a win-win situation for you. Being as one of the best e-commerce platforms, Shopify offers various tools and apps to be integrated with your store that help optimizing your store to the maximum to get best out of it. One such tool is Trident AB. Adding Trident to your store offers much flexibility to you so you can test various landing pages and elements to create best user experiences. For more information about e-commerce tools, here’s a guide for you by Trident AB: 15 A/B Testing Tools for E-Commerce You Need to Use in 2022

  1. For more and better online sales, tag separate solutions to your business.

If your website cannot provide appropriate online selling extensions, you can develop separate shops with your unique design. Most importantly, make sure to add different logos to different websites. If the design of your existing website and the new store will be the same, it will create an illusion for users that they are on the same site again.

Add the features of E-commerce to your website.

Many business owners are looking for an answer to their question of How to add e-commerce to website. Along with adding e-commerce to your website, you can add other features such as a payment gateway, shopping cart, filters, and options. Etc. There are various famous payment gateway apps.

  1. Use social networks to boast about your online business.

Social networking sites are extremely popular among children, teenagers, and adults because of their entertaining power and usefulness; make use of this opportunity to inculcate them in your business website.

The first thing is to create pages for your business website on different platforms. Then, make that page interesting and informative to gather customers. Various social media sites provide the option to create a business page and community related to your business to make use of these features. You can also sell your products via these pages. Such pages always help in generating more traffic and converting potential customers. 


You can master the art of online retailing by following these steps and many more easily, without spending a single penny or outsourcing. E-commerce will help you grow your network, grow your business, and increase customers. There are many advantages of add e-commerce to website. E-commerce does not limit a certain business type; no matter what your company sells, you can make it online through E-commerce. It is a hassle-free process with huge benefits.

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