PUBG Dev Reveals Violent New Fantasy Sport

PUBG Battlegrounds publisher Krafton is saying a new game based mostly on The Hen That Beverages Tears fantasy novels. The new video game, section of what is been formerly named Venture Windless, was declared by means of what Krafton labeled an “Official Notion Trailer.” The trailer’s aim was on providing a cinematic working experience that captures the aesthetics and tone of the new game, which it absolutely did. Suffice it to say, it is really not linked to PUBG Battlegrounds or any of Krafton’s other functions.

The new game is becoming designed by Krafton’s Crew Windless and is incredibly early in advancement. This is just not the 1st time that Staff Windless’ operate has been talked about by Krafton. Project Windless was earlier announced as a multimedia collaboration. It began with the 4-guide Korean novel series The Chicken That Beverages Tears, principle artist Iain McCaig, and Krafton’s Team Windless. An artwork guide from McCaig has already been prepared, and now this trailer for a forthcoming sport. Additional could appear.

As for the trailer, it genuinely speaks for alone. A male with a sword decapitates a girl in gory vogue. What follows is a massacre of ladies by the protagonist shown in reverse, with brooding narration from the gentleman overlaid on the violence. You can find a trace of weird magic, with the woman’s head seemingly still alive. It’s unsettling, to say the minimum, and selected to elevate some eyebrows. If Group Windless was striving to express an extremely dark fantasy planet, while, it undoubtedly did that.

You can find no gameplay hinted at in the trailer, but it can be effortless to picture what could be the program. Dim fantasy games like The Witcher and Darkish Souls are well-known and Krafton may possibly be on the lookout to re-produce that good results. The Witcher is centered on a sequence of dark fantasy guides as properly, following all. The trailer for the Team Windless job does express far more of an action target than an RPG aim, however.

Prior comments from principle artist Iain McCaig assist supply additional facts about the job. McCaig says that the story of The Chicken That Drinks Tears “is entire of monsters and nightmarish points, and that half the time individuals are the great guys.” Underlying the brutality, however, McCaig clarifies that there’s a good deal of slapstick, absurdity, and intelligence.

If Krafton’s aim was to attractiveness to a more youthful, edgier viewers of recreation players then this new trailer has surely sent. It is labored for The Callisto Venture, an additional Krafton match, immediately after all. But you will find a lot of operate left to do to express the fantastical globe driving the violence, never ever thoughts The Hen That Drinks Tears’ tale that motivated this perform. Luckily for us, there is certainly a ton of time remaining for Krafton to share far more facts in the several years to appear.

Krafton’s The Chicken That Drinks Tears recreation is at this time in growth.

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