Queen Elizabeth II Left Bald Underneath Hat In Waxwork Museum

Images of a bald Queen Elizabeth II went viral on social media after a waxwork museum in Germany gave a peek behind the scenes on how the models are cleaned for maintenance. 

Panoptikum in Hamburg is currently going through renovation work and this is when the pictures of the queen were taken.

In the images that are viral on social media, Queen Elizabeth II was seen in her full pink attire when the images were taken.

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Queen Elizabeth II Left Bald Underneath Hat In Waxwork Museum

The hat of the 95-year-old was removed for maintenance and the minimal hair that it had was combed. 

Managers of the museum talked about why the queen was bald and said that it is a tactic that allows them to save money.

Dr. Susanne Faerber, the managing partner of the museum, was interviewed by Mail Online about the images.

Queen Elizabeth

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During the images, Dr. Susanne said:

As we are using real human hair for our waxworks which is very expensive, some figures which have hats don’t have complete hair. We just install the amount of hair which is visible for the visitors.

She was also asked if they thought it was disrespectful to put the bald monarch on display.

Queen Elizabeth Left Bald Underneath Hat In Museum

Dr. Susanne said that the statue “is a waxwork, not the real person, this should always be kept in mind”. 

She also pointed out that the position of Her Majesty in Germany is different when compared to how she is viewed in Great Britain.

What are your thoughts on the queen being bald? Let us know what your thoughts are by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

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