Questions You Should Ask While Hiring Grand Piano Movers

Your grand piano can be the main attraction of your home. A bold and majestic piano automatically commands respect. A piano is an instrument that has gained a reputation. Therefore, when it comes to finding someone to move a piano, you want to find grand piano movers having a reputation in the market such as Encore Piano. You want to count on the most reliable and highly professional grand piano movers.

However, this is not an easy job to accomplish. Not anyone is qualified enough to move your piano efficiently and safely. While looking for a piano mover online, you will find many grand piano movers claiming that they are qualified, experienced and equipped enough to move any type of piano.

Many of these so-called pro piano movers are not well-versed with moving different types of piano. They have never executed a long distance project. There is no way you can take this kind of risk. The bottom line is, ask some important question when you are hiring grand piano movers. Here are the different types of question you should ask.

Qualification Related Questions

Experience is an important factor to consider while finding professional to transport piano. Preparing a piano for moving and then transporting it safely are delicate tasks. Pro piano movers should take these tasks very seriously.  

After that, ask the piano movers to provide some references. If it is not a reliable one, the company will not provide any such details. However, if it is a reliable one, the company will gladly make this information available to you. If the company has received some negative feedback or review then ask about that.  

You can find testimonials on the website of the piano mover. It does not take much time to find out how satisfied customers of the company are.

Logistics Related Questions

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It is the job of the piano mover to pay attention to the finest details while moving the instrument. So, you are expected to be least interested in these details of the entire piano moving process. However, this might help you if you have an idea of how things work. At least have the basic idea of the process from packing to move. This will help in making an informed decision. You will get the job done right.

A reliable company will provide you with liability coverage, licensing/bonding information and other details. If the company representative is making some excuses and is not disclosing such data, partner with some other grand piano movers.

Count on a piano mover having a climate-controlled vehicle to transport your instrument and a climate-controlled facility to store a grand piano.

Dependability Related Questions

By asking some questions, you can collect a wealth of information you need to move your piano safely. Experienced and reliable piano movers are really proud of their track record and success. They are knowledgeable and friendly and always ready to provide past and future related details. Make sure that the piano mover you are hiring also has a storage facility which is monitored 24X7. The facility should be a climate-controlled facility.

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