Railgrade update out now on Switch (variation, patch notes

Railgrade has been supplied a new update on Change, with the sport moving up to edition

New characteristics (like optional modifiers), optional locations (M3 Bonus, M4 Reward 2, M6 Bonus, M23 Reward 4), accessibility choices, and extra are included. There’s also a lot of bug fixes and far more.

The full patch notes for the Railgrade edition update are as follows: 


  • Insert optional modifiers for NoGhosting, NoTimer, Limitless Method, Millionaire Method
  • Add new motion for toggling all trains department preference at the moment
  • Display long run quest levels even in advance of availability


  • Incorporate four new optional locations: M3 Bonus, M4 Reward 2, M6 Bonus, M23 Bonus 4
  • In “Uphill Both equally Ways”: Rework terrain for a lot more complicated field relationship
  • In “Bottleneck”: Add lake around Zeppelin Dock.
  • In “Runaway Train”: Enable pathviz.  Redesign some routes to make improvements to readability
  • Take out unusable steam vents from many missions


  • Always exhibit cargo names for teach cars and trucks on selected coach
  • Add environment to regulate UI scale
  • Increase environment to disable nighttime


  • Reduce hitbox on ActionBar entities to reduce misclicks
  • Reduce power of hover outline
  • Conceal useful resource relationship lines to covered useful resource nodes
  • Minimize brightness of resource link traces when dense
  • Clear away flicker of source connection strains throughout cursor movement
  • Manage freight cards proven on marketplace hover by inputs and outputs and demonstrate how a lot storage capacity is applied.
  • Increase capacity to look at prepare motor descriptions and stats in educate configure perspective
  • Minimize possible flicker in bank loan hint information
  • Brighten Change icon [SWITCH]
  • Display active modifiers on pause menu
  • Clearly show energetic modifiers on victory display
  • Exhibit industry’s catalyst on marketplace select menu


  • Rename Merchandise to Appliances to avoid participant confusion on M4
  • Resolve add trace for Spark engine getting in voucher exchange after M16


  • Make victory timer round in favor of the participant
  • Decrease odds of accidental loop deletion by limiting salvage device size
  • Make working with Squander as a catalyst totally free
  • Insert gameplay possibility to disable business salvage affirmation
  • Double zoomed out motion pace on Swap [SWITCH]
  • Smoother digital camera movements and rotations
  • Field salvage refund will acquire update amount into account
  • Import docks now demand the charge of the freight it imports when picked up
  • Increase length limit to Rail Salvage resource and make it possible for drag to switchback at branches  


  • Make Steamer Mode skip only ContentID registered tunes
  • Make audio quantity settings logarithmic
  • Lessen volume of motion bar entry shifting sfx
  • Randomize starting audio on region load
  • Double precision of audio quantity configurations


  • Deal with hover dot not disappearing in picture method on switch
  • Take care of mouse back again action not recognized on credits screen
  • Correct stopped trains not reacting visually to rail modifications underneath
  • Correct cursor UI from time to time rendering driving globe UI components
  • Deal with inconsistent observe and station salvage values in some circumstances
  • Deal with Financial institution and Voucher hotkeys from time to time choosing an overhead practice
  • Resolve trains often not highlighting if touring by stationary participant cursor
  • Correct 3rd rocket start in M27 Bonus A (Trinity) not triggering population progress
  • Repair income invest popups not appearing on the initially develop motion on a mission
  • Correct occasional audio cutoff on industry upgrade sound when exiting facts panel
  • Take care of tutorials reappearing on reload of preserve
  • Deal with a variety of typos in English
  • Deal with mistranslation in polish the place Tv set Manufacturing unit was known as Pipe Manufacturing facility
  • Correct digital camera jitter when orbiting at lower angles
  • Repair body of stretched principal menu in the course of fast scrolling
  • Deal with financial institution deposit audio often not playing
  • Deal with D Rank overwriting any higher obtained ranks

Crash Fixes

  • Resolve crash when train spawned around unique junction configuration
  • Deal with uncommon crash on map near prompted by use-after invalidation
  • Correct crash in observe placement beneath precise monitor configuration
  • Deal with scarce crash when getting into coach configure near an autobranch.

All gamers on Change can download the new variation update for Railgrade now.


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