7 Best Rakhi Lumbas for Your Bhai or Bhabhi

Rakhi is an annual traditional occasion held on every 22 of August to celebrate and strengthen the brother and sister relationships. The ceremony is celebrated in India, Nepal, and various parts of the Indian subcontinent. Rakhi is also known as Rakhi Purnima, Ujjwal Silono, Saluno, Rakri, Jhulan Purnima, Narali Pournima, Gamha Purnima, and Janai Purnima. The event is synonymous with sisters tying a thread on the wrists of their brothers for protection and the best wishes (happiness and prosperity). A Rakhi is also tied to the sisters-in-law to make her part of the family and strengthen the bond. With different personal preferences and styles, it is essential that you find the perfect Rakhi Lumba for your Bhai/Bhabhi. In this post, we share the seven best Rakhi Lumbas for your Bhai/Bhabhi 

  1. Designer Lumba Rakhi

If you are looking for a Rakhi Lumba specifically for your Bhai/Bhabhi, that no one else has then you should consider the designer Rakhi Lumba. It’s one of the most popular in this modern-day with a contemporary style.

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  1. Zari Lumba Rakhi

Make your Bhai/Bhabhi feel like royalty with a Lumba that has an antique appearance. This charming Lumba is built to withstand the taste of time. You can have the Zari Lumba designed to resemble a royal artefact.

  1. Pearl Lumba Rakhi

Pearls are one of the most unique gems in the world. Unlike other jewellery (gold, diamonds, and emeralds) which have to be mined and cut; pearls are found within living creatures. They are synonymous with women jewellery like earrings and necklaces, which makes them suitable for gifting women. You can have the Rakhi Lumba’s finish studded with pearls.

  1. Stone studded Lumba Rakhi

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Stone is one of the most abundant and durable resources in the world. It also represents strength and eternity. You can surprise your loved one on Rakhi with a Lumba that is studded with colourful stones.

  1. Kundan Lumba Rakhi

If you are looking for a Lumba your Bhai/Bhabhi that is simplistic and lightweight, search no further than the Kundan Lumba Rakhi. This adorable artefact is designed using embroidery that has deep connections with Rajasthan (the place where Rakhi started)

  1. Golden Lumba Rakhi

Gold holds the highest regards when it comes to jewellery and gifting, we can also trace the high value placed on gold from ancient times. Make the best impressions on this coming Rakhi by surprising your Bhai/Bhabhi with a golden themed Lumba Rakhi.

  1. Beaded Lumba Rakhi

The beaded Lumba Rakhi is one of the all-time favourites that you will find trending every year. You can customise it the way you want like matching or mixing and matching different bead colours. This gives the Lumba Rakhi prestige with the vibrant multi colours.

The aforementioned list is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Rakhi Lumba and gifts you can shower your Bhai/Bhabhi on this eventful festival. Search for leading gift shops for rakhi online to check and compare Rakhi gifts.

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