Rapper Jim Jones Reveals His Mother Taught Him How To French Kiss By Actually Doing It To Him 

A rapper from the United States of America has revealed that his mother, yes his actual mother, taught him how to French kiss by actually doing it to him.

Well, that’s something we thought we would have never read, right?

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During an interview with Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast, Jim Jones, the “We Fligh High” artist, revealed how Nancy Jones, his mother, who is also known as Mama Jones, was the one who taught her how to kiss.

He said in the podcast: 

“My mom taught me how to kiss when I was younger.”

Angela, the host, thought that he was just given instructions by his mother, but little did she know what he was about to give an answer that would shock anyone.

Jim Jones responded with: 

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“There wasn’t no instructions, she showed me with her mouth.”

The panel double checked what he said, i mean, who would not? 

The then responded: 

“It’s my mother, what do you mean? She showed me her tongue-kiss when I was younger. My mom was seventeen [when she had me], she was a baby. Look at all the babies that’s having babies now and look how they act with their babies, it’s like they have a little sister or brother more than they have a child.”

Jim then moved on from the topic and talked about what happened when he kissed someone for the first time.

The good thing is that this time, it was not his mother.

Talking about his first experience, he said:

“The first time I tongue-kissed a girl, I was p***ed off. I didn’t know what the f**k was going on. I was like 12, 13.”

After talking about how his mother taught him how to kiss, Jim has not talked about the incident on social media.

However, loads of people across the globe were disgusted on how a mother would end up kissing her own child just to teach him how to be sexual.

What are your thoughts on Jim being kissed by his mother? Let us know what you think about it by leaving a comment in the comments section below! 

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