The Real Meaning Behind The Term Concrete Resurfacing

It might possibly be your first time when you are actually hearing this term concrete resurfacing and that can rather be confusing to deal. The first thing you need to know about this method is that it is quite expensive when compared to plain concrete. That makes you think more about this option and what makes it so expensive. Regular concrete does not have any kind of bonding agent to it. If you apply this option on cured or old concrete, it won’t help in forming any kind of bond. So, the added layer will soon crumble and even before you know it.

On the other hand, you have the concrete resurfacing option, known to have special bonding elements in it. That addition helps in eliminating the limitation. So, it is known to cost a lot more than basic concrete.

The steps for you to follow:

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Once you get the basic idea of concrete resurfacing covered, now it is time to check on the steps, involved in this procedure. For that, you might have to log online and catch up with some informative articles, where the steps are mentioned in detail. Without wasting any time further, let just get into details.

  • First of all, the method starts with power washing. It will also address for the surface preparation before you end up presenting the surface.
  • Next, you have the crack repair. Prime the cracks which have already taken place, and everything will work as per the needful demands.
  • After repairing the crack, the third step is to reinforce it with the fabric. For that, you might have to apply some elastomeric basement coat over the pre-set fabric.
  • When the above steps are completed, repair the crack and patch over some fabric with the polymer concrete on top. You might have to grind out the polymer concrete for smoothing out with the surrounding areas of concrete surface.
  • The next step of concrete resurfacing, you have to repair hole after filling it with the epoxy mortar. After repairing the concrete surface pretty well, you need to apply the prime coat and the current granule broadcast.
  • Later, you have to head towards ultra-surface polymer. For the texture coat, you might have to spray the polymer concrete with the help of a hopper gun, which is another interesting tool used over here.
  • Trowel over the recently worked out textured coat for finishing the project. After providing the ultra-surface polymer coat, focus on trowel finish.
  • The next step is associated with color coat application. You can head for any color you want from the available options. Later, you need to seal that color coat with the seal coat application. Let this seal wait for around 48 to 72 hours, before you can start using the surface all over again.

concrete resurfacing

Benefits for you to consider:

Apart from revamping your old surface like patio or driveway, concrete resurfacing comprises of some other benefits to it. It is way easier when compared to breaking part some of the old concrete and then pouring to fill up the places all over again. This is the best way to save some bucks and time as well.

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It is quite resilient to the future tear and wear, because of the presence of bonding agent. It can further allow for some custom finishes and will present you with a smoother and beautiful new surface around your home.

The relative way to measure cost is not by checking at the expense of the bags but compare the costing of resurfacing versus breaking it up, removing and pouring a new one in its place. So, right from the vantage point of view, resurfacing is quite a bargain you cannot ignore.

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