Recycled Timber Is the New Sophisticated Lifestyle

Timber floorings are among the most favorite choices that people make for stylish looking interiors. These hard wood floorings add beauty, warmth and enhance the ambience of your home or office space. There are a variety of choices when it comes to installing a timber flooring like- New flooring, Reclaimed flooring and Recycled flooring. In this article we will discuss more about recycled flooring.

Recycled Flooring

These are floorings which have been sawn or are salvaged from old large buildings and structures. The beauty of recycled timber is that they are of a superior quality and there is a classic charm that gives lifetime happiness. Commonly, these recycled floorings are from antique wood flooring and are made from salvaged tress like the maple, walnut, and chestnut, oak, cherry and many other vintage recycled woods. There are many advantages of using recycled floorings which we will consider in this article.

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Advantages of using recycled flooring and timber:

  • Eco-Friendly: Using recycled flooring is the best way of being environmentally friendly. This is because recycled floorings are old woods that have an extended life. The benefit is that there is no cutting down of forests for new wood, thus helps in protecting land and forest. As we know it takes many years to grow trees and so using recycled timber helps the forests get a chance to revive back its beauty. Therefore, this is one of the best ways of saving forests and best alternative way instead of cutting down the trees.
  • Cost: Recycled flooring and timber are affordable when compared to new floorings and this is because recycled woods do not require milling and staining. Since it is old wood that is used, it only requires a little polishing and it is good to go for years. So, installing recycled timber adds beauty to any homes or office spaces. Hence it is easy to buy at a very low cost, more durable and rustic timber floorings.
  • Durability: The wood that is used for the recycled timber are called as old growth wood and this is because these woods are specially made from trees that have grown for hundreds of years. These trees are really ancient and the advantage of this is that over the years these trees tend to become harder, denser and stronger making it very durable. It is durable also because unlike new wood there is no moisture inside the wood which makes it sturdy, scratch proof and dent proof.
  • Appearance: Recycled timber gives you an prospect to use wood that has a rustic touch to it. These woods usually come from vintage or ancient homes and buildings which probably would be from ancient forest trees that grew many years ago. So, the patterns that these floorings would have are very distinct and unique from old trees which cannot be found in newer trees. Some of the patterns that people love to have are the distinct color of the woods, the knots, the grain patterns and sometime even an insect mark adds to the beauty of the recycled timber. Hence using recycled flooring gives you that rustic or antique look that you always wanted for your interiors.

In conclusion, recycled flooring and timber is the best option available for adding charm and warmth to any interiors. Also, having vintage or rustic flooring which has historic relevance is one of the most popular interests among people who want to preserve history. It also gives a feeling of congruence of country side living along with advancing green building design or a healthier way of living. So the choice is up to you, if you are looking for vintage or antique style recycled timber flooring then why not look at this wonderful option of recycled flooring which can make your dream home turn into a reality.

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