Reduce Time to Market for Your Mobile App in 7 Simple Ways

The average number of new apps which get released in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store are 6,140 and 1,434 respectively. Due to high competition in mobile app development, it is becoming important for developers to reduce the time to market. Here are seven simple ways you can reduce this factor, increasing the chances of your mobile app becoming successful:

Adopt DevOps

DevOps is quite popular in mobile app development, as it empowers your QA team to provide feedback during the early stages of product development cycle. By streamlining the collaboration between your testing, operation, and development teams, you can release your app faster, with greater confidence.

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Automate the testing process

Another great technique you can use to save time is to automate the testing process. It allows you to increase the speed at which you test your mobile app for bugs. Make sure that the scripts you use are reliable, so that they are effective. The best way is to start small and scale it according to the results.

Create a minimum viable product (MVP)

Rather than creating a full-fledged mobile app, you can create a minimum viable product (MVP). The advantage of this technique is that you can launch your mobile app with core features, giving you the freedom to test its effectiveness among your target audience. Once it becomes successful, you can start adding features.

Follow a proper strategy

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Always have a proper strategy in place, before you start developing your mobile app. For instance, you should define the aim of your mobile app, the steps involved in development and testing. To learn development, deployment, and testing you may require to signup for a DevOps course. Also, you need to have backup plans, in case things don’t work out as expected. Also, you need to have backup plans, in case things don’t work out as expected.

Go native, rather than hybrid

The advantages of building a hybrid mobile app is enticing, as it allows you to release your product on different OS. However, the time taken to develop will increase, as you need to test for bugs on all the platforms. Instead, you can choose to create a native mobile app, which cuts down the time taken to release your product.

Tackle challenging problems first

A great way to reduce the time to market is to identify and tackle challenging problems in mobile app development in india. You can put in the necessary effort to overcome these obstacles, making it easier to launch your app at an earlier date.

Use online code libraries

Most of the time, developers spend a lot of time writing the code for their mobile apps, which increases the time to market. Instead, you should use code libraries, which is a huge time saver. However, when you use these libraries, you should only use those from commercial frameworks which have the necessary licenses.

Follow these seven simple ways, to reduce the time to market for your mobile app!

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