Retention and Drainage Chemical Suppliers in India

If you want to manage the economic aspect of papermaking by keeping up the performance of a paper machine with providing aids for fibers you should opt for high-quality retention and drainage chemicals. When it comes to choosing one of the most reliable, efficient, safe, and sustainable retention and drainage chemical suppliers in Punjab, Balaji Chem Solutions is the one-stop-shop for you. They offer supreme quality of all industrial solutions for matching the needs of many industries.

Moreover, then two decades, the company is delivering great customer satisfaction to paper manufacturers by offering a comprehensive line of retention and drainage chemicals to balance the wet end performance in a paper mill. The high-quality retention chemicals successfully retain most of the fibers such as cellulose, wood pulp, etc and process additives that are helpful in keeping the production cost under control, improving the paper quality, reducing environmental impact, and eliminating wastes.

Balaji Chem Solutions supplies an exclusive range of drainage chemicals, that effectively increases the rate of water releasing from the wet paper. Drainage or dewatering is a key factor that increases the profitability of a paper machine. Well-experienced and young professionals of the company are highly focused on delivering the best quality material at a reasonable price. With homegrown raw material the company imports innumerable materials from various destinations to touch help their valued clients in India.

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Retention and Drainage Chemicals Impact Papermaking efficiency in many ways including cut downs on solid losses, improvement in downtime frequency for both scheduled and unscheduled bailouts, and maximized bonding ability of the pitch and sizing agents to paper fibers. The RDF technology, Balaji Chem Solutions offers to the papermaking process delivers rapid productivity and comes up with world-class paper quality.

The exclusive range of retention and drainage chemicals offered by the company includes the following:

1. Bayfloc: It is a flocculent chemical, that when mixed with water forms heavier particles by helping the suspended solids in binding together and settle down in the bottom of the water. Hence the water can be easily drained out.

2. Baycoll: It holds the characteristics of bentonite like thixotropic nature and good viscosity and used to prevent fine particles agglomeration in papermaking.

3. Bayf ix: To control the distributing substances in the papermaking process this Polyamine DADMAC chemical is used. To enhance retention and dewatering it provides superior pitch fixing from mechanical pulp and latex fixing from coated broke.

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4. Bani cell 1000: This micro polymer agent is added in papermaking to increase the runnability of the paper machine and reducing its downtime.

Whatever retention and drainage chemical you will buy from Balaji Chem Solutions are manufactured from high-quality raw material considering all standard and performance measures. The company has the state of the art products and services to help your facility reach its goals.

If you want to manufacture break free, smooth, brighter and superfine paper sheets, explore the comprehensive collection of an industrial chemical range of Balaji Chem Solutions. The quality, prices, and effectiveness of the products offered by the company are hard to match by any other chemical supplier company in India.

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