Roblox Islands New Beat update log & patch notes


Roblox Islands has released the new combat update on September 17th, 2022! In this patch, you will come across a broad-wide range of alterations and bug fixes have been added to the expertise. These will with any luck , assistance obvious up any challenges you could have had and let you to locate some new stuff to do in the video game.

You can come across the formal patch notes down below for the update, which ended up introduced on the official Islands Discord.

This is the very first stage in revitalizing combat to Islands! We have now released weaknesses and resistances to all hostile enemies that you will experience on your adventures. All weapons will now have form associations. Matching the suitable weapon kind to an enemy weak spot will reward you with a lot more destruction. Having said that, if the enemy is resistant, then your harm will be lessened. All this facts and much more can be accessed as a result of your new fight catalogue.

🗡️ Weapon Kinds 🗡️

  • Actual physical sorts : Slashing, Hanging, Piercing
  • Magical forms : Inferno, Hydro, Storm, Quake, Ethereal, Void
  • Some weapons involve equally actual physical and magical forms.

🛡️ Weaknesses And Resistances 🛡️

  • Enemies can be neutral, weak, or resistant to certain weapon types.
  • Neutral: Base destruction, Weak: +25% Destruction, Resistant: -20% Harm.

📔 Battle Catalogue 📔

  • Accessibility is found on the left facet bar
  • Enemies tab: shows resistances and weaknesses
  • Weapons tabs (Melee, Archery, Magic): display weapon stats these kinds of as injury, weapon kind, assault rate, and many others.

🏹 Bow Rework 🏹

  • Corrected hit trajectory with bows to be smoother than ahead of
  • Extra destruction drop off from length shot
  • Bows now call for particular arrow types to use
  • New bow idle, attract, and hearth animations

🏹 New Bow and Arrow 🏹

  • Golden Shortbow and Iron Shortbow
  • Limited Arrows and Very long Arrows

📖 Magic Weapon Balances 📖

  • In preparing for upcoming overcome updates, solid retains have been eradicated (other than for slime sceptre)
  • Harm reduction to cast base destruction
  • Foundation Harm Improvements
    • Static Scepter problems: 2/s → 8/s
    • Spellbook injury: 45 → 22
    • Tidal Spellbook destruction: 42 → 36
    • Ruby Staff hurt: 42 → 36
    • Godzilla Workers problems: 25 → 20
    • Spirit Spellbook:
      • White: 40 → 30
      • Blue: 45 → 37
      • Pink: 48 → 42
      • Green: 55 → 46
    • Slime Queen Scepter problems: 50 → 40

⚔️ Fight Adjustments: What to anticipate in the upcoming? ⚔️

  • Extra arrows – Ability to switch amongst arrows
  • Weapon product updates – Cosmetic alterations to weapons
  • A new crafting process is but to come
  • We will be balancing stats with other current weapons – considerably less emphasis on 1 weapon becoming the outstanding selection, far more situational/player-option.

🐛 Misc Variations 🐛

  • In third particular person (Personal computer): Bows and magic weapons shoot to the path of your cursor
  • Problems indicator shade variations primarily based on weapon sort problems dealt
  • Bow renamed to Picket Shortbow
  • Artificial Bow renamed to Historical Longbow
  • Vamp Bow renamed to Azarathian Longbow
  • Buffed Static Scepter: 2 → 8

📈 Crop Current market News 📰
🥔 Potato rates have risen! (11 → 17)
🍒 Radish charges have dropped! (64 → 59)
🧑‍🌾 Farmer Cletus was lately listened to whispering about watermelon prices…

Be positive to head around to the Roblox Islands page to try out this new update! You can check out out additional information and facts on a range of distinctive practical experience in the Roblox portion of our web-site. 

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