Roblox YBA Codes: WORKING (December 2022)

Your Bizzare Adventure – or YBA – is based on the famous anime, Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure. Players have to choose their character and unlock various stands for it. The more you play, the better stands you will unlock. YBA features tons of missions and an amazing PvP to keep players busy.

Since it can be a bit difficult for a new player to progress through the game, we have mentioned the Roblox Your Bizzare Adventure working codes. You can get various rewards to get rare items, stands, and much more. Without further ado, let’s jump straight in and get started.

Working Codes

Here’s a complete list of all the working/expired Roblox Your Bizzare Adventure codes for your redeeming pleasure!

NOTE: The list below has been updated for December 2022 and will be continually updated daily throughout the month and year.

YummersOneMillionLikesRedeem for free rewards
HUGERedeem for DEO’s Diary, Green Baby, Heart of the Saint’s Corpse, Left Arm of the Saint’s Corpse, Mysterious Arrow, Pelvis of the Saint’s Corpse, Pure Rokakaka, Requiem Arrow, Rib Cage of the Saint’s Corpse, Rokakaka
YareYareDawaRedeem for Lucky Arrow

Expired Codes

The reason we have mentioned the expired codes is so that you do not waste your time copy-pasting them in the game.

  • SorryAboutYourQuests—Lucky Arrow
  • ily – free reward (Prestige must be 3+)
  • OMG700KLIKES – free reward (Prestige must be 3+)
  • 600kLikesFTW – Redeemed Pure Rokakaka, Redeemed Ribcage, Redeemed Heart (Prestige must be 3+)
  • 200kLikesBruh – 4 Redeemed Rokakaka, 4 Arrows 
  • 100kSubsLesGOO – Requiem Arrow and Rokakaka
  • YES150kSubs – Rib Cage and Left Arm 
  • LUCKY_420k_LIKES– Redeem code for Lucky Arrow 
  • 80kSubTHX! – 4 Rokakaka and 4 Mysterious Arrow
  • ThanksFor50k+Subs!!! – Requiem Arrow, Redeemed Rokakaka, and Redeemed Mysterious Arrow [Require 3+ Prestige]
  • 344k_Likes -Pure Roka, Roka, and Arrow [Expires May 28]
  • ThxFor30kSubs – Pure Roka, Roka, and Arrows [Requires 3+ Prestige]
  • 325k_LIKES_DUB – Lucky Arrow [Expires May 23]
  • SubToUzuForMoreCodes!! – 2 Redeemed Rokakaka, 2 Redeemed Mysterious Arrow [Prestige 3+ Required]
  • 262kStand – Redeem code for a reward [Prestige 3+ Required] 
  • Yay251k – 2 Pure Rokakaka, 3 Rokakaka [Prestige 3+ Required] 
  • Yay242k – Ribcage of the Saints Corpse, 2 Rokakaka, 3 Mysterious Arrow [Prestige 3+ Required] 
  • Yay237k – 2 Redeemed Ribcage of Saints Corpse, 2 Redeemed Rokakaka, and Redeemed Mysterious Arrow [Requires Prestige +3]
  • EXP4 – 2x EXP for 25 minutes
  • Le225kDub – Pure Rokakaka, Ribcage of The Saints Corpse, Rokakaka, Mysterious Arrow [Requires Prestige 3+]
  • EXP3 – 2x EXP for 25 minutes
  • sryForLeShutdownz – 5 Redeemed Rokakakas, 5 Redeemed Mysterious Arrows [Requires Prestige 3+]
  • SorryForShutdowns – Redeem code for reward [Requires Prestige 3+]
  • EXP2 – x2 EXP for 25 minutes
  • ThxVeryDelicious – Redeem code for reward [Requires Prestige 3+]
  • ThxFor200k – Pure Roka, Roka, and Arrow [Requires Prestige 3]
  • EXP1 – EXP
  • ThxFor188k – Roka, Arrows, and 2x EXP Boost
  • GIMMETUSK – Ribcage of The Saints Corpse, Redeemed Pelvis of The Saints Corpse
  • ThxFor185k – Pure Roka, 3 Redeemed Arrows, and 2X EXP Boost [Must be Prestige +1]
  • GiveMeSixPistols – Redeem code for a reward
  • Nostalgic – Redeem code for a reward [Must be Prestige 1+]
  • Test – Redeem code for a free reward [Must be Prestige 1+ or Level 10+]
  • Star Code Infernasu – Rokakaka, Arrow, and 20 minutes of x2 EXP [Must be Prestige 1+]
  • THIS UPDATE WAS MADE IN HEAVEN – Pure Rakakaka and Arrow [Must be Prestige 1+]

How to Redeem Roblox Your Bizzare Adventure Codes

Once you have the working codes, you will want to redeem them in the game. Luckily, redeeming these codes is extremely easy in Your Bizzare Adventure. To redeem Roblox Your Bizzare Adventure codes, you need to:

Open the menu and press settings.
  • Open the Menu button.
  • Click on Settings.
Enter the code to redeem it.
  • Look for the ‘Enter a code to Redeem here‘ box, and paste the codes.
  • Once entered hit the ‘Redeem Code‘ button below the text box, to receive your reward.

Keep in mind that some codes require a certain Prestige level. For example, you must be Prestige level 3 before you can redeem the YareYareDawa code.

When is Roblox Your Bizzare Adventure Codes Released?

New Roblox Your Bizzare Adventure codes are released when an update comes out or the game hits a milestone. Keep in mind, there is no specific schedule since milestones are achieved randomly and the updates aren’t out daily.

So, if you are following the developers, you will know when a new update comes out so that you can redeem your codes.

How To Get Your Bizzare Adventure Codes?

YBA Discord Server

Roblox Your Bizzare Adventure codes are posted on Your Bizzare Adventure’s official Twitter account or Discord server. You can visit their social pages to check out their game announcements and find new codes.

Plus, some third-party sources also share working Your Bizzare Adventure codes that are not posted on the game’s official accounts. However, if sourcing out these codes from various platforms seems tiring to you, you can simply hop on to this regularly updated article for new links!

Why Aren’t Your Bizzare Adventure Codes Working?

There can be multiple reasons why Your Bizzare Adventure codes aren’t working. The most common issue is if you are typing the code incorrectly. Even if you mistype a single thing in the code, it will not work. So, make sure that you type the exact code as written above or on the Arsenal socials.

Secondly, another reason for codes not working is if they are expired. You will get a prompt that tells you if a code is expired or not. Plus, if you are typing a code you have already redeemed, it will not work. So, make sure that you type the code only once.

Can You Use These Codes in Other Games?

Unfortunately, these codes are only limited to Roblox Your Bizzare Adventure. Since they are meant for this game, they cannot be used in any other game.

The rewards these codes offer are only for the Your Bizzare Adventure game and are not recognized by other games. However, you’ll be pleased to know that we have working codes for other games, such as the Roblox Noob Army, Race Clicker, Blox Fruits, Da Hood, Arsenal, and Wisteria.

What is Roblox Your Bizzare Adventure?

Your Bizarre Adventure allows you to use your stand and fight enemies

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a great anime that has gained immense popularity thanks to various memes. The game – Your Bizarre Adventure – is no different. YBA is an MMORPG game that revolves around obtaining stands.

In it, you can fight various enemies to level up and take part in PvP to test out your stand and your skills. It offers a wide variety of stands which allows you to approach the combat however you want. Since there are a lot of fighting styles, you will have to strategize to defeat your opponent.

The game is extremely fun even if you are not a fan of the anime. It is easily one of the best anime games in Roblox right now.


And there you have it, those are all the working and expired Roblox Your Bizzare Adventure codes. If you find a code we haven’t listed in our guide, let us know in the comments below, and we will add it. Plus, we will be updating this list regularly, so make sure that you check it out from time to time so that you can get all the latest working codes before they expire.

In the meantime, check out our Coin Master links as well to gain tons of spins and coins in that game.

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