Route of Exile – Patch 3.20.1 Provides New Relics, Exceptional Ring for The Forbidden Sanctum

Path of Exile - The Forbidden Sanctum

Route of Exile’s most current growth and Challenge League, The Forbidden Sanctum, has obtained some new information with patch 3.20.1. It provides 7 new One of a kind Relics that drop from the Sanctum Boss’s remaining sort.

These build a new challenge wherever equipping a Exceptional Relic and finishing a Sanctum operate at space stage 80+ will result in Herald of the Scourge to drop distinct or more merchandise, which includes a new One of a kind Ring.  They can also trigger Aureus Coins to change into “certain outcomes” when the Herald is defeated. The Exceptional Relic is wrecked when the run finishes, so if you fall short, it’s long gone till the next time the Herald drops it.

Other new additions include 41 new “Lycia’s Invocation” forex items. You can use these on non-Corrupted Sanctified Relics and increase their Keystone. Yet another improve sees figures using even fewer Take care of damage when close to the concentrate on in Sanctum, providing some reprieve for melee builds.

Verify out some of the patch notes underneath. Path of Exile: The Forbidden Sanctum is accessible for Computer system, Xbox 1 and PS4.

3.20.1 Patch Notes

This patch introduces new Sanctum content, enhancements to the current Kirac’s Vault Go and adds guidance for the 2023 Main Supporter Packs as specific in our information post past week. It also consists of a range of enhancements and bug fixes to both equally Sanctum and non-Sanctum content material, and some buffs to the modifiers applied to Blighted Maps via anointing them with Oils.

Sanctum Updates and Advancements

  • Launched 7 new Unique Relics that drop from the ultimate sort of the Sanctum Manager. These Relics challenge you to complete an total run of The Forbidden Sanctum at spot level 80+ under distinctive principles. If you are able to complete this sort of a operate, you’ll be rewarded in new and unique methods. However, the Unique Relic will be ruined regardless of the result of your run, so if you fall short to comprehensive it, you will forfeit your prospective rewards.
  • Some of these Distinctive Relics bring about the Herald of the Scourge to drop further or unique merchandise, although others leads to Aureus Coins to be converted to sure results on defeating the Herald of the Scourge.
  • We have also launched a new Exclusive Ring that can be earned by defeating the Herald of the Scourge with one of the new Special Relics active.
  • Launched 41 new “Lycia’s Invocation” forex products. These can be used to non-Corrupted Sanctified Relics to incorporate their respective Keystone to the Relic.
  • Boons and Afflictions that give will increase and reductions to the influence of your Relics now specify that they do not impact Special Relics.
  • Characters that are up near to their focus on now consider even fewer problems to their Solve.
  • Sanctum Quests are no extended concealed with the “Enable Quest Tracking” selection disabled. We have also made improvements to these Quests to decrease the opportunity they are skipped when initially getting into the applicable town place.
  • Occasion Customers are now able to check out the Map of the area owner’s Sanctum, if they currently have a run active.
  • Party associates can now retail outlet a Sanctum home for afterwards when the map owner operates their Sanctum area for the region.
  • The Solve bar now flashes when you recover or destruction your Solve.
  • Added a screen to show which Affliction was eradicated when you cleansed an Affliction.
  • The Sanctified Relic Slot has been moved from the Sanctum Map and is now positioned in the Stock panel.
  • Sanctified Relics can now be compared with your geared up one particular by using the Compare Item Descriptions keybind (Ctrl, by default).
  • The wave skill utilized by the final sort of the Sanctum Boss now spawns considerably less lightning bolts with each and every wave, though the lightning bolts are slightly bigger. The hold off among each wave has also been somewhat elevated.
  • You can no for a longer time acquire a new multi-stage Boon or Affliction, these kinds of as Lilting Melody, if you previously have a later stage of that exact same Boon or Affliction.
  • The Hungry Fangs Affliction and Picket Effigy Boon now effects Take care of multiplicatively, in its place of currently being additive with stats that effect resolve on Relics.
  • Tweaked the situation of the skulls that fireplace monitoring beams in the 3rd flooring of the Sanctum.
  • Up-to-date the Prayer Beads Boon to clarify Solve is equipped to be missing following the next room has been accomplished.

Other Improvements

  • Added assistance for the new Core Supporter Packs.
  • Extra five additional microtransactions to Kirac’s Vault Move in the form of these supplemental thriller containers from Route of Exile’s earlier: Warlord, Polaris, Twilight, Harmony and Sin/Innocence.
  • Huck now delivers along his Rogue Equipment when accompanying you in Maps.
  • Drastically enhanced the knowledge attained from killing Metamorph Monsters.
  • You can no longer animation-terminate Vaal Venom Gyre, Vaal Volcanic Fissure, Vaal Blade Flurry, Vaal Caustic Arrow and Vaal Molten Strike before the place in the animation that hurt is dealt.
    The Balance of Terror Distinctive Jewel no for a longer time has a level necessity.
  • Finishing the Mastermind’s Lair now awards credit history to the Suspicious Syndicate challenge.
    Updated one particular part of the Finish Harbinger Encounters obstacle to “Use any Harbinger, Historical or Fracturing Orb”, rather of just Fracturing Orb.
  • Up-to-date numerous descriptions of conditional modifiers, these kinds of as the amplified Harm versus Ignited Enemies modifier on Gang’s Momentum, to explain the forms of damage they can utilize to.
  • Updated the “Cycling Resistances” monster modifier text to “Cycling Harm Reduction” as it is a lot more precise.
  • The Cartographer Divination Card has received new flavour textual content.

Blight Atlas Passive Adjustments

  • The Blight Atlas Passives that furnished your Maps with Blight Encounters a possibility to have an more Blight Encounter have irreconcilable concerns that end result in regions with two Blight Encounters failing to create reliably, so we have changed these stats.
  • The smaller Atlas Passives now deliver “5% prospect on Finishing your Maps to attain a no cost use of the Blight Map Crafting Choice.”
  • The tiny Atlas Passive at the entry of this cluster that delivered your maps a +4% possibility to incorporate a Blight Come upon now delivers “Lanes of Blight Encounters in your Maps have 5% possibility for an added Reward Chest” and “2% likelihood on Completing your Maps to get a absolutely free use of the Blight Map Crafting Alternative.”
  • The Mycelial Swarm Notable Atlas Passive now offers “Blight Map Crafting Alternative is usually available” and “50% decreased expense of the Blight Map Crafting Alternative.”

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